“Harshit Foundation” instituted to commemorate mountaineering world record set by 5 year old Indian Harshit Saumitra

November 10 07:21 2014

5 year and 11 months old ‘Harshit Saumitra’, set a new world record by becoming the ‘Youngest Climber’ to have scaled ‘Kala Patthar (5550 meter) Peak” and Mount Everest base camp

Kalapather is higher than the highest peaks of three continents – Europe’s ‘Mont Blanc’ (4810 meters), Antarctica ‘Vinson Massif’ (4892 meters) and Australia’s ‘Punack Jaya’ (Carstensz Pyramid – 4884 meters)

Achievement celebrated by formation of ‘HARSHIT FOUNDATION’ aimed at supporting financially weak students, sportsmen and patients from Jharkhand and Bihar

Harshit Saumitra’s Father Rajeev Saumitra schooling was done at Kandarp High School in Palkot (District Gumla), Jharkhand

New Delhi (India), 10 November 2014:  “Harshit Foundation” launched to commemorate the success of Harshit Saumitra a 5 years and 11 months old boy who set a world record of becoming a youngest climber to scale the ‘Kala Patthar (5550 meter) Peak” and Mount Everest base camp.

Harshit Foundation is formed by Harshit’s father Mr. Rajeev Saumitra, a famous mountaineer and a Geography Teacher. On this occasion Mr, Rajeev Saumitra said, “We are extremely proud of Harshit’s achievement and we would all like to share this happiness with the lesser privileged and kids from the weaker sections of society .Harshit Foundation is an initiative which would focus on supporting students from these sections, when it comes to Education, Sports and Health.

“Harshit Foundation’s motto would be “Hope for Education, Health and Happiness” (especially through sports),” added Mr. Saumitra.

Mr Rajeev Saumitra further said that he got his early education at Karndeep High school, Paalkot

(District- Gumla) in Jharkhand. His father, Harshit’s grandfather, Late Shri Ram Sarovar Prasad Singh ji was teacher in same school. Harshit Foundation is an initiative to serve the people of Jharkhand and Bihar. Harshit Foundation would be funded by Rajeev Saumitra and will not seek any grant and financial support from government at this point.

On this occasion highly elated Harshit Saumitra said, “I am very happy to achieve this success and I attribute this to my father who is also my coach. “Harshit Foundation” shall give hope and happiness to aspiring young children like me.”

Mountaineer is in Harshit’s DNA and he gained his passion from his father “Rajeev Saumitra” who himself is world’s renowned mountaineer and famous geography teacher. The founder and director of “Paramount Coaching Centre”, Rajeev Saumitra has in the past successfully scaled Mt. Everest, Russia’s “Albrus” and Africa’s highest mountain peak “Kilimanjaro”. Having started his training at an early age of 2 and half years, Harshit has consistently demonstrated the confidence and ability to learn and perform, and to understand the instructions. The ability to undertake long practice sessions and the immense patience demonstrated by him at such a tender age, are also amongst the key reason for his achievement.

For more details please log in to www.harshitfoundation.org or mail us at [email protected]

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