Dilraba: It’s a long way to go, and songs alone the way

June 01 21:32 2021

When it comes to the hottest TV series in the first half of 2021, The Long Ballad, starring Dilraba, is highly competitive. The drama topped the topic list almost every day from the beginning to the end. The audience not only enjoyed watching it, but also admired Li Changge, a woman who is as good as a man.

After the hit of The Long Ballad, many people praised Dilraba that she is the real Li Changge. Dilraba herself once said in an interview: “Li Changge is the most empathetic character among those I have ever filmed. She is brave, strong, intelligent and has a correct view of life and values. She is a woman with great sense of patriotism.

I grew up with her together, she is a rare character.”

In fact, when The Long Ballad was first aired, The network reviews were not good, especially for Dilraba, who was complained by many netizens for her ugly appearance. For these controversies, Raba only said in an interview “I usually do not pay attention to my styles, my costumes and my makeup in a show, which our styling designers and directors must have communicated many times that this is the most suitable for this role. As a role like Changge who wanders around every day, I cannot ask for more eyeliner and lipstick, cause it’s not her. If an actress is so good that makes you believe her, then you should leave her blush alone.”

Many people first came to know Dilraba through the character of Gao Wen in Diamond Lover. Gao Wen is a shining star in front of people, but a little rascal in private. She would diss other people with her cute voice to stand up for her friends. She can be a girl with split personality when she was frustrated at work, and show her women side when she was vulnerable.

If Gao Wen in Diamond Lover is like the white moonlight, then Bai Fengjiu in Ten Miles of Peach Blossom is a knot on audiences’ minds. Who can refuse an innocent, lively and lovely little fox? She came with a stunning red dress, and every frame of her is beautiful to the extreme. Moreover, Dilraba has indeed done some research on fox habits from little tricks of Fengjiu. She unconsciously licked with her tongue while drinking, and kept her fist half clenching while catching fireflies.

An actress makes a character, and a character makes an actress. It is a good quality for an actress to be able to make every role deeply rooted in the hearts of the audiences. Dilraba has done it. She brought a lot of characters to the audience. It’s a long way to go, and we’re looking forward to more roles from Dilraba.

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