Narendra Modi’s Magic Grips the United States

September 28 01:39 2015

modi newNew Delhi, Monday, September 28 – Heart Winning speech by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi spellbound the crowd  many a times in the recent past and story was no different when he marked his appearance at Facebook Townhall with Mark Zuckerberg, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, Inc. on Sunday.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that different generations got the chance to listen to an excellent speech by Indian Prime Minister a day ago after he received a warm welcome before the audience started asking a few questions from him. The 31-year-old Zuckerberg greeted PM Modi once again.

Some important points put by Modi were his dream to make his nation a 20-trillion-dollar economy, taking it far ahead of an 8-trillion-dollar economy, and see the general public use technology in its best way to contribute in the success of India.

Modi said that the factors that will play pivotal role in making ‘Make in India’ successful will be 3Ds, which include demographic dividend, democracy and demand. The fourth D will be Deregulation. What  people got to witness yesterday was something they probably wouldn’t have observed in the earlier years by any top leader.  An energetic speech by the PM, whose governance has given birth to a number of hopes amongst the general   public, spellbound the crowd. Craze to see and hear Modi was high. Here is to mention that massive gathering appeared at the venue a few hours prior to the scheduled time. Everyone was making sure he/she gets a   glimpse of Modi.

The Indian PM praised Zuckerberg for creating a platform from where people are able to connect with the world with so much ease. Zuckerberg’s parents were also present and Modi appreciated them for having a child like Mark who has contributed much to change the world through social media.  On the final question, a personal one, by the talented American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur about his mother, Modi turned emotional while mentioning his mother’s hard work to give him and his siblings a better life.

Modi voice choked the moment he said his father is no more; and my mother is over 90 and still does all work of her own. From the stage, he saluted efforts of all moms who do everything possible to keep their children at the right path. With a big round of applause, the session came to an end. He also met Sundar Pichai – who is the Google’s newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer, and Shantanu Narayen of Adobe Systems. Others who met the 65-year-old Modi were Paul Jacobs of Qualcomm, John Chambers of Cisco and Venkatesh Shukla, the President of The Indus entrepreneurs in San Jose. Apple CEO Tim Cook had a meet with him too. Modi visited the plant of Tesla Motors as well.

Modi magic gripped entire country and countrymen. He, while addressing at SAP center early today, remembered freedom fighter Bhagat Singh on his birth anniversary. This statement was alone compelling for the masses who have great respect for the brave son of India. Modi fans kept on chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ while the Prime Minister was giving a power-packed speech in Hindi.

In view of the fact that the audiences were able to connect themselves with the topics discussed by the PM today, a different sort of excitement was visible amongst them.  Modi was easily able to win millions of hearts through his way of expressing difficult things in the simplest manner. His charismatic personality and incredible speeches at different time intervals grabbed eyeballs and that too, without making any intentional efforts. Indian tricolour looked beautiful in the hands of the people present inside the giant hall. National anthem was sung by young kids, taking the patriotic feel up.

Popular singer Kailash Kher with his band Kailasa performed live for Modi at Silicon Valley, California, letting everyone enjoy each moment. If truth be told, the way people belonging to different age groups show their interest to listen to Modi, who also talked about new bank accounts of the lower classes and poor in the recent past, points out to the fact that they do not want to miss anything from him that makes them understand how India is emerging as country which can achieve a lot of things what other nations couldn’t do for example reaching to the mars on its first attempt.