Jordi Ordonez Talks About Five Different Tools To Launch A Product On Amazon

November 18 10:46 2020

Independent eCommerce consultant Jordi Ordóñez has released a report on his website where he talks about 5 different and most efficient tools that help a seller launch their product on famous international e-retailer,

Amazon has evolved through the years to become a great platform that enables independent and small businesses to sell their products and empowers them through the huge customer base that they offer.

By making the platform fairly easy to use, as well as provide many perks to both customers and sellers along with taking away a lot of headaches of the seller’s stead (packaging, shipping, etc.), Amazon is every businesses’ utopia. And Ordóñez addresses all the different methods through which companies can register themselves on this site and reap its benefits.

The Tools:

  1. Jumpsend: JumpSend is one of the most amazing tools to launch your products from scratch and rank them in no time. With the help of Jumpsend, sellers would be able to become an Amazon top seller and get to the first page of Amazon results because Amazon ranks are based on sales.With the help of Jumpsend sellers would get ahead of their competitors while practising tactical promotions to increase their ranking and sales velocity. They will also require the use of Amazon’s advertising system to score their first sales and visibility, but those promotions will help them get better rankings. Jumpsend is 100% Amazon Compliant, with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

  1. Viral Launch: Viral Launch is a tool that is all about market intelligence. It is a tool that allows sellers to take advantage of Amazon analytics. Understanding the numbers will help them boost their sales and hopefully increase their profit. Viral Launch is also the best tool so far to launch products and get Sales Velocity on Amazon US & Europe. By using Viral Launches intensive features and tools of product launch, market intelligence, keyword manager, keyword research, and product discovery, sellers seem to experience more traffic on their launch web page in a fortnight. Also, Team Viral Launch & Jordi Ordóñez have teamed up to present to his readers a 20% monthly or 40% annual discount.

  1. Vipon: Vipon comes in an app version as well that is available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. It allows users to browse over 40,000 HUGE product deals across all categories – from Home & Kitchen, Beauty Products, Kids Products, Pet Items, Electronics & More. There are no upfront purchases, no in-app purchases. It is easy to use. Vipon also enables Amazon products to be delivered straight from the Amazon website.

  1. Facebook Ads: Facebook Ads redirecting to Amazon can also be a great way of advertising a product launch. It is especially useful for smaller businesses or new startups which necessarily do not have a big budget assigned to product marketing. 

  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing is a digital marketing strategy depending on sending emails and building relationships with prospective buyers and customers. An effective email marketing strategy can convert prospects into customers, and transform first time buyers into recurring customers. One advantage that email marketing has is that it has the option of automated forwarding. But email marketing can also be tricky, as most people view it as spam if done slightly incorrectly.

About Jordi Ordóñez:

Jordi Ordóñez works as an independent eCommerce consultant. He has worked for: Estrella Damm, Intersport, Bella Aurora, Lladró, Textura Interiors, Nice Things Palomas, Castañer, Due-Home and many other clients.

Ordóñez also teaches and has been a speaker at: Meet Magento, Prestashop, Prestashop Day, SEMRush, Cambra de Comerç Barcelona, ​​ClinicSEO, Ecommbeers, Ecommbrunch,, Ecommfest, EOI, ESIC-ICEMD, Foxize, Generalitat de Catalunya, Inesdi, Quondos and The Valley.

In addition, he has participated in in-company trainings for brands such as Orange and Adidas.

As an eCommerce writer, he has previously collaborated writing articles for Shopify, SEMRush, Prestashop´s official blog, Brainsins, La Vanguardia,, Marketing4ecommerce and other blogs and media.

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