E-Booster Deceleration Scheme Injects Vigor into the Motorcycle Industry

June 01 21:13 2020

According to Transparency Market Research, the total worth of the global electric motorcycle and scooter market is expected to exceed US$ 14.29 Bn by the end of 2027 and expand at a formidable CAGR of 7.10% over the period between 2019 and 2027. In fact, the increasing consumer awareness towards climate change in conjunction with the implementation of regulations for pollution control & environment conservation will fuel its growth. Thus, the shifting dynamics supporting this growth makes it critical for businesses in this space to keep abreast of the changing pulse of the market. However, “safety” has always been a hot topic, which has pushed the manufacturers to introduce the E-Booster deceleration scheme offered by ZHAOWEI or others that caters to this demand.

Those who have ever ridden a motorcycle will realize that an emergency brake presents to be the most frightening thing. In addition to breaking away into a skid, too-tight motorcycle brakes may result in the overturning of motorcycle owing to the inertia of moving forward. In order to meet consumers’ demand for speed, most motorcycle manufacturers adopt the method of increasing and limiting speed for speed control, and the high-performance motorcycles with a displacement of about 1000cc can reach the maximum speed of 300-400 km/h. In view of this situation, to ensure the safety of the riders, ZHAOWEI designs and develops E-Booster deceleration scheme for motorcycles, an intelligent two-wheel gear brake system, based on the market’s demand feedback collected by motorcycle manufacturers. It is a two-stage gear transmission device formed by worm gear and brushless DC motor【https://www.zwgearbox.com/gear-motor/bldc-gearmotor】, which has the characteristics of active pressure buildup, efficient energy recovery and rich brake curve adjustment when comparing with the traditional brake system, so as to realize smart switching between the brake and booster as well as extend the service life of the produc.

The motorcycle E-Booster deceleration scheme provided by ZHAOWEI is mainly composed of input push rod (connecting to the brake pedal), booster valve body (with the ramp), pedal travel sensor (perceiving brake pedal travel), the return spring (restoring position of the brake pedal), master brake cylinder (establishing the brake hydraulics), brushless DC motor (power source), two-stage gear transmission device (increasing transmission ratio and torque), and ECU (controlling the supply current and drive signal of the motor).

The Design Principles of ZHAOWEI E-Booster Solution

The intelligent E-Booster braking system of motorcycles contains two sets of motor drivers. In a normal state, the first set works together with the booster valve body to control the normal actuation of the motor and brake power-off system. The second set is the electric brake control program. When an electric brake signal arrives, the program will start- once power-off, the HALL signal can simultaneously be adjusted manually (or in a programmable way) to make the motor in the reverse state. In other words, it turns the magnetic field to be reversed in order to achieve rapid braking.

ZHAOWEI’s deceleration scheme of intelligent E-Booster braking system for motorcycles acts on the first set of motor driver which comes to adjust the valve or the oil pump to change the pressure in the hydraulic system. This E-Booster deceleration scheme pushes the worm and worm gear to affect the electronic commutation of the brushless motor via pinion and rack together with push rod, realizing the programming control of the motor in different states of motion. The intervention will happen when the speed differential indicates that the wheel is sliding. The braking will be adjusted through the pressure in the hydraulic system changed every second by the valve or pump and the situation that the electronic drive system may mix some extra data including steering angle or slant angle has been also taken into consideration. Then, the braking force will be adjusted via the micro-drive system controller. All these lead to that the riders can perform multiple braking actions within a few seconds after urgently pressing the brake device, shorten the stopping distance and avoid the deflection or overturning of motorcycle, thus increasing safety.

In conclusion, the working principle of motorcycle E-Booster is to detect the displacement of the booster’s input rod by the pedal travel sensor integrated into the E-Booster, and send the displacement signal to the E-Booster control unit. The control unit calculates the torque required by the motor, and then, the 2-stage gear device converts the torque into the servo braking force of the booster valve body. Finally, the boost generated by the motor and the force exerted by the driver on the input push rod are jointly converted into brake hydraulic pressure in the brake master cylinder.

Deep Coupling Available between ZHAOWEI E-Booster Solution and ESP [https://www.zwgearbox.com/project/electrical-power-steeringeps]

The biggest problem for riders brought by E-Booster’s traditional turbo-charged power system is the turbo lag. When the motor works at a lower speed, the turbocharger won’t step in the process; when the motor speed increases, the exhaust flow will instantly increase which results in the intervention of the turbocharger. The rider can clearly feel that there’s not a lot of motivation once stepping on the accelerator and the instantaneous force is even weaker than the general naturally-aspirated engine output. Only when the speed rises to a certain degree, will a strong motivation follow gradually.

ZHAOWEI’s ESP power assist system solution automatically completes the acceleration process by virtue of the cooperation between the torque sensor and motor controller. Once the current flows, the auxiliary trampling device will be enabled.

The Final Verdict

In recent years, with the increasing popularity of automobiles and other means of transportation and the increasing traffic congestion, the way of riding a motorcycle to work or travel has gradually become prevalent again. The introduction of more electronic components and transmission systems will come to enrich the motorcycling in the future. ZHAOWEI proudly provides a safe and comfortable riding experience for motorcycling enthusiasts in terms of micro drive system and gear parts. Following the trend of intelligent travel and safe driving, we have developed the deceleration modules like AEB based on the deep coupling between E-Booster and ESP, which can realize intelligent driving assistance. No matter motorcycles, scooters or bicycles, two-wheel drive (2WD) vehicles enjoy a promising prospect. It is imperative to upgrade and improve the electrification, intelligence and safety of all fields. ZHAOWEI should be an innovation partner that you can rely on.

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