Traditional Colors to Stay in Fashion this Wedding Season, Says Fashion Experts

June 19 03:27 2015

suit greenNew Delhi, Friday, June 19 – Wedding season is just here. Brides-to-be are all set to dress up perfectly for the D-day. Young girls are ready to experiment with new shades all the time but not with the same enthusiasm on their wedding day.

According to professional fashion experts, the basic shades will be in trend as they have been for centuries. Red, orange, pink, olive green, oxblood and wine will continue to be in demand as compared to other shades like blue, yellow, brown and ivory white.

Since most of the women going to enter in the institution of marriage want to stand out amid others and seek all attention, they do not want to make any fashion mistake, which could turn irreparable despite the fact one wants to repair it.

In view of the fact that weather has been erratic and would be alike for the rest of June and early next month, heavy jewelries might take a back seat in summer weddings. In place of it, in will be light ornaments that do not cause any infection on the skin. Gold ornaments at the time exchanging the marriage vows may also rock as the yellowish touch of the necklaces, earrings, bangles and rings add to the glow of the bride and require minimum care further.