What Lessens Did India Learn after being at the Back Foot on Foreign Soil?

February 19 04:56 2014

India testNew Delhi, Wednesday, February 19 – Last two series have not been good for team India as they lost against South Africa and New Zealand and remained winless during both Test match series and the One-Day International matches, which were played in the past couple of months.

A lot of aspects can be cited as the key cause for India’s failure in the popular forms of cricket that was visible throughout batting, bowling and fielding. If third ODI and first innings of the Wellington test should be left, then Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his potential team would be found at the back foot at all the remaining matches.

In the 5-match ODI series, team efforts was only seen during the third match at Eden Park, Auckland, wherein all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, Indian skipper and Ravichandran Ashwin played comprehensive innings, making audience believe that they are going to register 1st victory of the year. However, it was unfortunate that match ended in a tie and India failed to pocket first win of the brand New Year.

If performances of India’s ‘Playing 11’ in last three months should be kept in a side, then this fact can’t be ignored that they have performed like a champion in earlier played matches in 2013. Figures in the record books are also there to put an approval stamp on that. But cricket is all about its uncertainty. A single shot can make cricket teams emerge as a winner and a single wicket can make them stand behind. Indian team has not only lost the game on the foreign soil, but also the respect what they have earned after showing consistent performance in several matches both in India and abroad.

The lately played test series slipped from the hands of Indian squad and a minor mistake of dropping Brendon Barrie McCullum turned the entire equation of the game in the favor of his team, letting guests to wait a tad more to taste victory. McCullum not only made his maiden triple ton at the Basin Reserve, but also changed the thought of millions of people, who were considering that New Zealand’s days in International cricket is over.

Virat Kohli and Ishant Sharma will not forgive themselves for dropping McCullum ever in life as their team paid a heavy price for this fault as the last test ended in a draw, making the home team to be the winner of 2-match test series by 1-0. Despite their mistake, it is also true that these recently played series must have taught them and other youngsters of the team a lessons how to stay focused when you enter in a ground to contest a team.

Dhoni may also be ready to give excuses for poor show of his squad overseas, but it is perhaps the time to take right steps for eradicating their weakness in all the departments that are vital for winning the game. Cricket World Cup 2015 is just one year away and most importantly, all matches of the entire contest will be played in Australia and New Zealand, where record of Indian team is not impressive. Still, it is hoped that young players of the country must have gained experience that will help them rise as a better performer in the near future and further scheduled games.