Don’t Cut Down Your Sleeping Hours as it’s Directly Related with Health and Beauty

February 19 01:30 2014

sleepNew Delhi, Wednesday, February 19 – One must sleep rightly if he wants to stay young for a longer span of time. It has correctly been said that if you wish to wake up beautiful, then have a tight sleep of at least 6 hours a day. A proper sleep is vital for staying away from innumerable health issues, which create a lot of problems in the near future. Undoubtedly, it is the best medicine for giving a breather to several diseases which are usually caused because of inappropriate sleeping habit.

One should have a power nap of an hour during the day that is vital for keeping away all tiredness, reliving mental stress and untimely sleepiness. Health experts and doctors recommend people not to cut down their sleeping time just for the sake of surfing internet in the odd hours. Avoid sticking yourself in tight schedules, no matter how busy your day is going to be. In a fast running life, it might be a tad difficult for you, but it is far better to prepare a to-do list before the new day arrives.

Preparing a timetable might appear a childish task to you, however its benefits can’t be ignored as this helps in easing all difficulties what one may face during the working hours. Whether you are a housewife, office goer, college student or the retired person, try to get rid of the things that hinder your sleep, specially unwanted tension. Always be clear in mind that every human being has his own problems, but it is on him how he tackles solve them and tries to maintain cool of mind with common issues. Keep in touch with the people whom you think can lend a hand to you when correct guidance is required.

Sometimes we find difficult to go to the bed on time due to unwanted work pressure. In such scenario, try to finish your work on a daily basis that will prevent you from falling in the midst of extra work load. Manage your time in a way that entire work gets finished within defined time frame and you can reach home on the dot with no pending works on the table.

Remember to wake up early in the morning as a huge source of energy lies in the beauty of rising sun. Do not give up exercising. If you adapt this mantra in life, then none of the task will look complicated. If you desire for working with a fresh mind throughout the day, then getting awaken promptly becomes vital.

Distribute your time ideally, taking into account complexities involved in various tasks. If you dream to stay away from numerous problems like reduction in thinking and learning capability, loss of memory, heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, uneven heartbeat, diabetes and high blood pressure, then do not put out of your mind to have an appropriate sleep. Steer clear of junk foods that take too much time in getting digested, leading further to sleep deprivation

Change your food habits if you have been munching unhealthy all the time. Have a glass of warm milk before you go to bed. A proper feet massage of 10 minutes may be a key source of taking you into a good sleep, alleviating pain of the body and its veins and increasing level of concentration, attention and alertness. On the whole, zest of the story is ‘sleep right and get gorgeous day by day’.