The block company Baldi Labs obtained 22 million US dollars venture capital in seed rounds, with Microsoft Future Fund and Deutsche Bank participating

July 31 22:11 2019

Located in California, USA, Baldi Lads raised $22 million in seed round financing invested by Deutsche Bank, IBM, Microsoft Future Fund and Wells Fargo Bank and others.

Baldi Lads will use this fund improving the protocol block chain platform of Baldi Network of Web3.0 and to build a Baldi Network self-ecosystem (forecasting market, mortgage market and lending market) in order to build an efficient transmission network infrastructure for global users without border in the block chain industry. Ryan Fugue, a core member of Baldi Network, who founded Ripple in 2004, played a positive role in promoting the development of the block chain industry.  Ryan Fugue will contribute 2.3 billion xrps ( to build Baldi’s ecosystem as the impetus for ecological construction.

And he also said that Baldi Network will realize the synchronous operation of multi-system and multi-language virtual machines with the ecosystem through the new technical framework, and solve the supervision difficulties of centralized finance.

Baldi Network can convert digital assets from any storage state and uses chip-level network security and secure multi-party computing technology to realize instant settlement and transfer on the block chain. The platform also allows the use of multi-layer security systems, including passwords, biometric identification and two-factor identification systems that have become industrial benchmark. The framework of the payment financial market will be rebuilt in the future.

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