Here Comes the Winters

October 29 05:13 2013

wintersOctober 29 – Pink winters have knocked the doors slightly. The weather is loved a lot as it gives soothing feel to mind and soul. Making the temperature of surroundings to come a slightly low, the winter gives a comfortable feel to the body as well. However, keeping skin soft and smooth is one of the toughest challenges of this climate as skin feels dry and a little bit stretched.

For taking a good care of skin in winters, one needs to start following a few steps that will help him /(her) feel good in cold weather conditions as well.

• Apply Moisturizer at least Twice a Day :-

Applying moisturizer twice or thrice a day can alone be a fruitful solution. Go for a lotion that assures of providing nourishment for 24 hours for touchably soft and silky skin.

• Select Cream as per Skin Type :-

There are quite a lot of body lotions and face creams in the market that aid buyers to fight with winters. Caring of the skin in wintry weather becomes easy with the lotions which consist of glycerin, soyabean oil and mineral oil.

• Bath with Warm of Fresh Water :-

Bathing turns out to be one of the difficult tasks during winters. More than a few people think of skipping shower during the season, however this should not be done as improper or irregular bathing can lead your skin confront several sorts of skin troubles such as itching, small pimples on the face and the back, skin dandruffs and so on. Better is the option to bath properly with slightly warm (not hot) water or fresh water. Pour 2 to 3 drops of olive oil or coconut oil so to maintain smoothness of the skin.

• Avoid wearing fitted sweaters :

Skin tight sweaters can be one of the main reasons for causing itching on hands, arms and the neck. Wear warm clothes in which your skin can breathe appropriately.

• Care for foot and hands :

Care of feet becomes vital in winters as a number of people fight with the pain of cracked feet. There are many foot care creams available in the market that help in healing cracks within a three to four weeks of time. A few home remedies can also be very helpful in this regard. All you have to do is soak your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 minutes. Add a tablespoon of olive oil and few drops of mild shampoo and glycerin to it. As soon as you feel that dead skin of feet can be removed easily, then softly rub it with a foot file. Now wash your feet with normal water and make it pat dry with towel. Apply ‘foot care cream’ and wear socks. Doing the same can help you have feet to show off.

• Say No to Soaps :

Excessive use of soaps might lead your skin feel dry. Use body wash or some homemade packs only that provide softness to the skin naturally.

• Body Massage with Oil :

Olive oil and coconut oil are good friends of skin as they moisturize skin aptly. Slightly warm any of these two oils and give a massage to your body with it. This practice can help you stay away from body pain.
Start following these steps from now and continue doing the same for another 3 to 4 months if you do not want to face any sort of troubles related with skin. Make this winter a happy winter for yourself.