Let Us Leave Some Space for Greenery

October 28 08:52 2013

greeneryOctober 28: Population of the country is increasing day by day and no control over it is apparent. With the rising population, innumerable problems are getting bigger that would surely have unbearable effect in the upcoming future and one among these troubles is the reducing space of greener area. The main cause behind this problem is augmented numbers of vehicles that require lots of space for parking inside or around the residential buildings, shopping malls & complexes, metro stations, parking zones and hotels, bar & restaurants.

Those who are capable of buying bigger means of transportation have at least two to three cars in their homes. Most of the business class families spend their money in buying separate cars for themselves and their children. Sometime it feels very irritating to see a single person inside the car driving it or sitting just next to the driver, with no one sitting at the backseat. The zest of mentioning this line is to let everyone understand that if a few tasks can be accomplished via small vehicles, then why to add unnecessary traffic on the roads through large cars which occupy bigger spaces of the roads even to stop at signals.

Bit by bit, ratio of greener space is lessening down. Earlier also, trees have been cut in order to establish industries, office premises and residential structures and things are changed yet. Despite the fact that deforestation leads to severe problems in our environment, making life difficult for living beings, builders and contractors keep on cutting down trees so to carry on their construction works through which huge benefits can be availed. Well, before implementing any step, its pros and cons should always be kept in mind.

How can we forget about the mishap that took place in the month of June this year in Uttarakhand, where several people lost their lives when continuous rainfall for several hours played role like a villain, even bringing irreparable loss to property and public infrastructure? Though construction related work can fill up the gaps created between the roads and bridges but nothing can heal up the pain of the families who lost their loved ones in this tragedy that created an unreachable gap between them. Every person had his own thought when asked about the main reason behind occurrence of such a destructive rainfall and a few also mentioned ‘cutting of trees’ as its prime cause. One thing is absolutely clear with this incident that someway of the other, ecological imbalance is caused by deforestation.

Better is the option to keep on planting trees whenever you can. Trees just not offer shade and prettify the countryside area but also give a hold to soil. In the nutshell, gathering of life comforting commodities is good but directly or indirectly we should not harm the nature, which is a key source of providing life to us. Use cars but if a journey is done with family, then purpose of having the vehicle seems a little more fulfilled. Avoid imparting your role in increasing traffic on the roads, adding pollution to the environment and decreasing space of the greenery. Create a happy world for yourself & generations to come and stay with a feel good factor.