Education for Everyone – Is that Possible?

October 25 10:51 2013

educationOctober 25 – Imagine about a scenario that you are living in a society where every single person is educated, be it a man or woman, rich or poor, young ones or the older people. How healthier our surroundings will be? This is absolutely beyond imagination. Education should actually be for everyone. But it is very easy to mention in one line; there are lots of hurdles when it has to be implemented in actuality.

Inflation is already at its peak. When even people of supreme class and middle class are confused enough of managing their budgets with the inflating prices of daily goods, then would it be worth asking to the people of poor families to send their children to the schools when they hardly manage to get two time meals properly? Absolutely not! When a person is hungry, he can’t focus on any task, be it regular home management, office work or school activities.

Most of us might think here that fellows below poverty line are given a lot of benefits and privileges, but it is sad to state that most of the advantages are shown on paper only. And, if anyhow they managed to get the chance of availing offered benefits, maximum portion of the same has already been availed by the officers sitting at the higher ranks.

When there is no food for them to eat, expecting them to send their children to schools is absolutely worthless in view of the fact that they could barely pay unaffordable fee of the educational institutions. It really hurts seeing children between the age group of 12 to 16 years working in various households just to lend a hand to their families to earn at least that amount in which all of them could have a better survival.

Life for them is tougher as they can’t manage to have good food to eat and clean clothes to wear. Would it be justified to give lessons to their parents to educate their children? Although your intention behind saying this might be good, but before making any remarks try to imagine their actual state by putting yourself physiologically in their shoes.

Instead expecting every step from government to educate poor children, why not to create a new world of your own by helping a few of them straightforwardly? There are many organizations that ask direct help from citizens through which one can sponsor a child and help the kid meet required medical facilities, education and other daily needs. If you have spare time, spread education by giving basic knowledge to the children of your area. Donate old books and clothes to them and show them the right path mentioning – education is the only solution to tackle all problems. Accomplish a few of these steps and contribute your part by giving poor people actual reason to smile and in making India ‘really’ shine.