500 Tonnes of Onions Come From Afganistan

October 25 08:31 2013

onions 3October 25 – 500 tonnes onions from Afganistan have finally reached in the country in order to lower down the prices of onions to some extent. Even though there have information floating around that production of onion in India has been good this year, yet supply of the veggie in the market has not been properly done in past 2 to 3 months.

Several traders have done a vast storage of onions so to sell the same at higher costs. Just a couple of days ago, cops arrested two men, who were trying to steal onions from shop. Situation related with onions seems a little bit more hilarious after noticing the incident in Varanasi where a trader opened ‘Onion Bank’ offering loans for purchasing this vegetable.

How much respite 500 tonnes onions will bring, this is to be visible in the near future, but as for now, buyers have to spend nearly 60 to 90 rupees for getting 1 kg of onion. No quick relief is apparent prior to Diwali which is just a week far.