Exercise Well to Remain Healthy

October 25 05:38 2013

excerciseOctober 25 – Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. It is a ‘saying’ perhaps all of us have learned in our childhood days. This simple sentence involves deep meaning within and a mantra, which is fundamentally helpful in making human beings live a disciplined life. To stay healthy, fit and fine, various exercises should be included in daily routine as ‘must to do’ tasks.

• Start with simple walking:

Walk of 15 to 20 minutes is good to start the day as this will work as a warm up exercise and help your body go well according to your new routine of exercising. Walking is helpful for staying in ideal shape and figure, lessening chances of having fat on body that generally appears firstly on the waist.

• Ride Bicycle:

Have you ever thought why children are more energetic than the people who are in their 30s and 40s? It is just because kids do a regular exercise by riding bicycles in order to cover distance between their homes and schools. Whether you believe or not, cycling helps you stay far away from unwanted weight on various body parts such as – thighs, legs, waist line and stomach. Go and get a cycle for yourself and ride it for 10 to 15 minutes or more as per suitability.

• Dance to Enjoy:

Dancing is also one of the best medicines of good health. Dance regularly at least on 2 to 3 songs. The steps you do while performing the dance will also lend a hand to reduce unnecessary weight. Do not hesitate to tap your feet. Get a good collection of songs and start dancing regularly.

• Join Gym for Necessary Workouts:

Go to a fitness center that offers you first class services in terms of health. Do the workouts that are vital for you. Perform lower body workouts in order to burn fat, a short upper body workout has its own significance, do press ups or push ups and jump rope. With the help of gym trainer, get to know what all are the right exercises for you to stay in shape. Follow that and assist yourself in adding a few more numbers to your age.

Foods for Good Health :-

• Pulses for Protein :-

Protein is essentially important for our body as throughout the day, we have to spend our attention in various works. Pulses are a good source of protein and keeping this in mind, one should start including at least a bowl of pulse in their meals. Pulses even consist of zinc, amino acid, magnesium, vitamins, phosphorous and more than a few minerals.

• Get Fiber through Grains :-

The major sources of energy in our body are the grains what we consume in different forms. Pearl millet, rice, corns, wheat, mung beans etc. should surely be included in the food you eat. Via intake of these grains, one gets calcium, iron, protein and carbohydrate. Eating sprouts early in the morning with one glass of warm milk or fresh fruit or vegetable juices is another good option for getting necessary fibers.

• Dry Fruits :

Walnuts, peanuts, raisins, cashew nuts, dried dates, common figs and almonds have great nutritious value and a few among these fruits are helpful to fight with health problems such as indigestion, piles, constipation, cough, bronchitis, diabetes and asthma. Eat a handful of dry fruits so to maintain a required distance with these problems.

• Go for the Green :

Green vegetables might not taste too good, especially to children; however yet there are a few intellectual ways to give proper place to these healthy veggies in the cuisines you make. For example – chop spinach properly and sauté it with the other vegetables what you use while making fried rice. Same can be done during the preparation of small home pizzas.

Use green tops of radish and onions while preparing green salad for your family. Add a twist to the appearance of salad by adding crunchier potato chips and moong dal namkeen, along with a dice of lime and slight taste of green chilies.

• Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits:

Fruits are a rich source of providing essential fibers to our body. Keeping this thing in account, start having fruits like apples, bananas, melons, oranges, grapes, carrots, radish, beet root and water caltrop from today onwards only. Those who do not enjoy eating fruits and vegetable can go with the option of juices, however, one should try eating seasonal vegetables and fruits as the way they are.

• Drink Water

Drink at least 6 to 8 litres of water a day. This adds glow on face.