Talented Home Cooks Eye Better Career in Food Industry as MasterChef Australia Begins

May 19 04:22 2015

masterchef australiaNew Delhi, Tuesday, May 19 – Cooking is seen as the biggest passion among the talented home cooks in this day and age thanks to some of great cookery shows that came into being to give classic ingredients and food preparation job a new dimension.

MasterChef Australia is back again. People from different walks of life came to ensure their participation and 24 best cooks among them were chosen to compete in the competition. Leaving behind the well-paid job wasn’t an easy decision for many but they quit it to pursue a career in food industry.

The participants in the brand new season of MasterChef Australia come from different backgrounds and professions. Someone is a hairdresser, another is a Construction Project Manager. Stay-at-home mum and student are also in the competition and dream of lifting the winner’s trophy at the end as Brent Ovens did last year.

Stephen Rooney, Reynold Poernomo, Kha Nguyen, Melita Tough, Rose Adam, Anna Webster, Billie McKay, Georgia Barnes and others are putting best food forward and pouring best efforts to stand out with delicious creations using an array of ingredients.

31-year-old Marcus Cher, a freelance industrial designer, was the first to get eliminated as he fails to survive the eviction when everything was centered over the flavors he incorporated in his dish during the elimination challenge. The race to be in top 12 is on but it would be clear after a certain weeks who makes it up to last challenge and who succumbs to pressure much before.