Pick the Best Fashion Trends and Accessories to Rock 2014

January 06 11:15 2014

fashionNew Delhi, Monday, January 6 – Best thing about fashion crazy people is their unhesitant behavior of trying new things. It is always better to pick fresh style after certain interval of time. This helps people make look different and extremely modish. A sensible fashion is always respected. One must stay away from adopting something weird that makes wearer appear as an insane. Always be a trend setter which should be done chicly.

•    Have you got the Big Bags : –

Big Bags are going to be in fashion this season. After small clutch bag and wallets, oversized bags will try to set a new trend once more to cater to the needs of the ever growing buyers’ demand. Get at least one large size bag wherein maximum and useful stuffs can be kept safely. Do not make it look bulky. Try to put limited items into it and carry the same while outing or partying at friend’s place.

•    Dress your Wardrobe with Fashion Accessories : –

The zone of fashion accessories is vast and deep. Almost all the needful items are comprised in stylish fashion enhancing accessories.  Get big goggles for styling yourself differently. Team up big shades with beautiful hair accessory, which will define your character in mind-boggling ways. Large frame goggles will conquer everyone’s heart this year. Have you bought the one to explore your look!

•    Heels are Always Hot : –

Wearing heels continuously for several hours are though not good for health, but what’s bad to put it on while going out for the party! Apart from plain heels, get the classy and trendier printed heel sandals to lift up the entire statement and that too, in astonishing manner. A lot of popular shoes brands offer designer footwear at cost effective rates. Beside this, one can avail discount offers on attractive shoes as well.

•    Show Elegancy in Anarkali Suits : –

Anarkali suits will rock this year as well. The trend that was primarily set in the era of 60’s and 70’s is liked vastly by women of various age groups in current time. Dress your wardrobe with must buy ‘anarkali suits’ that are available in different price structure, starting at INR 1000. For representing yourself as a chic persona, you should have at least a pair of beautiful & colorful bordered anarkali suits in your cupboard.

•    Switch on to Jumpsuits for Ultimate Style : –

Fashionable jumpsuits have become an important clothing these days. It is simply because jumpsuits add huge comfort to the dressing style and completely give astonishing look to the wearer. Although the fashion of jumpsuits have rocked in earlier decades as well, however, fashion of fitted denims, short skirts, skorts and bell bottoms overruled it.  But as we all know fashion rebounds after certain span of time, these are once again in. People have got attracted towards the same after long time. This is perhaps why this comfy clothing is expected to be sold in stunning numbers in 2014.

•    Chandelier Earrings : –

Gone are the days when women used to wear small ear tops. Current fashion is about long chandelier earrings that are designed to add flawless beauty in your style. The larger you wear, the better you look. Glam up your wardrobe with chandelier earrings that can be purchased in innumerable shapes and designs. For getting the best look in this new form of styling, just make a tight bun over the top of the head, to highlight your earrings and fetch everyone’s attention.

•    Ear Muffs : –

Ear muffs have emerged as a warm and cuter winter accessory. Those who never liked wearing mufflers or woolen caps feel great to wear the ear muffs, which are available in countless designs, prints and fabrics. These are actually a respite against severe cold and chilly winds. The accessory goes well with both traditional and western wear. One should have fleece-lined ear muffs for sure just not to cover your ears, but also to show yourself up to date with current fashion.