Donate Warm Clothes to Save Homeless from Unbearable Frostiness

January 03 15:03 2014

sweaterNew Delhi, Friday, January 3 – People in the national Capital are witnessing sunny mornings but chilly nights these days. Even though inhabitants in parts of Delhi woke up to a bit bright clear day on New Year, but found hard to have an easy escape by wearing something light.

A lot of residents came out of their houses to celebrate the first dawn of 2014 at different locations of Delhi like Connaught Place, India Gate and Akshardham Mandir after putting on several layers, which aided them to stay protected against the severe cold. On the other hand, there were also some people who hardly managed to cover themselves in single but torn sweaters.

Barefoot unprivileged children were eying at the way how others availed the fun on the first day of New Year. Those who were a bit lucky got to eat some spare food, which were handed to them by some kind hearted people. However, as soon as they finished eating the stuff, once again tried to hid their legs and feet from old woolen clothes for having much required respite from the intense cold wave, which has been worsening the winter from past one week.

Rather than wasting money in throwing a party, it could have been better to donate some warmer clothes to these poor children and homeless. If you have made a contribution to add a tad comfort in their difficult life, then nothing can be best that this, however if not, then it’s time to actually help them out. Look into your closet and take out those woolen clothes what you hardly wear. Even ask your friends or colleagues to at least contribute a pullover. Pack them all and hand over the same to any NGO that is imparting major role in aiding the poor in true sense.

Old shoes, socks, denims, trousers and leggings can also be given if you actually want to lend a hand to homeless so that they can swiftly fight with winter. It would be wrong to expect everything to be done just by the government officials and organizations working for unfortunate people. Huge change can be brought by collective efforts as well. Step in as a person who is determined to think of that class also which finds difficult to manage necessary items for smooth survival. Bring noticeable change in their lives and then only you will get to feel real joy within the heart.