Karishma Sakhrani Out of MasterChef India Season 4 Race

April 10 00:34 2015

nikitaNew Delhi, Friday, April 10 – It was Karishma Sakhrani’s stint in the MasterChef India season 4 that came to an end post being slightly behind the other contestants in chocolate balloon challenge, one of the toughest tasks of the popular cookery show.

Karishma paid no attention to the warnings given by chefs Vikas Khanna, Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar who kept on asking her to be ready with a backup plan as she wasn’t thickening the chocolate layer of balloon which was important. Nikita Gandhi looked focused and determined to change the story from this point and made a beautiful chocolate balloon. To stay away from last-minute rush, she created another one and put it in the fridge. It was then the young cook saw her first mold got broken. Despite feeling the pressure, she successfully took out the balloon from chocolate base using tweezers.

Bhakti Arora Manekar, Ashish Singh and Neha Deepak Shah faced almost similar problem as their balloon stuck with the chocolate, breaking the base. Balloons were bursting on each counter, spilling melted chocolate everywhere. In between, Karishma anyhow got success in making one chocolate balloon. Pressure now increased on the remaining three but at the end, all 5 contestants managed to emerge in this difficult task, which troubled them in the MasterChef kitchen earlier as well. Vijay Sharma, at that time, was on cloud nine post making a lovely dark and white chocolate basket.

Now, everything depended on the taste of the sauces and hidden components in the balloons prepared by the finalists. Bhakti stole the show by inventing a flavorful guava ice-cream with a dash of salt and spices to add a tang. Even her chocolate base showed the perfection. Regardless of losing the gloss, it sat beautifully on the plate. Nikita’s vermicelli & pistachio bites impressed the judges. Neha grabbed eyeballs for preparing grapes sauce with a hint of mint. Ashish made a mistake after pouring the liquid nitrogen. His chocolate balloon broke midway as he tried to lift it from the middle. Chef Vikas found the flavors of other elements extremely simple and that wasn’t expected from a contestant who qualified for top 5.

Had Karishma not made a few minor mistakes during all steps of this challenge, it could have probably been Ashish to fly back home. Karishma was in tears after the elimination but called her experience in the MasterChef kitchen the most valuable of all the memories. She was the first participant to get ‘flavor-e-azam’ and even won ‘super shakti’ in Dubai. Despite the fact that her journey on such a big platform ended, Karishma created a unique place of hers in the minds of viewers.

Only two more days to go for the grand finale of MasterChef and it is supposed to be a starry affair. On Sunday it will be clear who will take the winner’s trophy home this season. But before this, Ashish, Neha, Bhakti and Nikita will have to pass another test to qualify for the mega face-off. There is no room for error. Any blunder can make one among the four to be out of MasterChef race. Viewers vote will also count in the finals.