MasterChef Contestants to Pass Chocolate Balloon Challenge to Enter Final Round

April 09 00:53 2015

new masterchefNew Delhi, Thursday, April 9 – MasterChef India season 4 is slowly coming to its final stages as just a few tasks remain to let one best home cook to be crowned as the winner of cookery show, which earned terrific popularity right from season 1.

Getting success is easy but maintaining the same with fervor is difficult. However, MasterChef has gone bigger with each passing year and this proved by seeing a number of homemakers, students and elderly populace standing in queue during the auditions to present their dish to top chefs of the nation.

It took dedicated efforts for Bhakti Arora Manekar, Ashish Singh, Nikita Gandhi, Karishma Sakhrani and Neha Deepak Shah to come so close to the grand finale. With Vijay Sharma going back home lately, Ashish is the only male contestant left in the MasterChef kitchen. He bounced back every time with a bang when almost everyone expected him the next person to get eliminated.

The 35-year-old food stall owner at Ambala has reached to this level, of course, for being at par with hopes of the judges. But the real challenge has begun for him and remaining four ladies to continue their stint in MasterChef India. Chocolate balloon challenge was once again introduced by chef Vikas Khanna and that too with a twist. Here is to mention that it was Vijay who got success in making a chocolate basket using balloon as the key equipment in the early stages. Despite spending around 3 hours at that time, rest of the participants failed to understand how to stop balloon from bursting.

This is the reason why this task was brought in for a second time on the show. Difficulty level is huge in view of the fact that all of them had to prepare at least one delicious sauce and tasty ingredients to serve inside the chocolate bowl. Contestants, who now hold expertise in using different techniques, were asked to use liquid nitrogen for getting the base perfectly rather than keeping it inside the fridge as they did earlier. Nikita seemed clear with her concepts and geared up to ready her sauce first. She divided her time intelligently to save enough time for thick chocolate base. On the other hand, Karishma continued to ignore the warnings given by chefs Sanjeev Kapoor and Ranveer Brar who carried on asking her to thicken the chocolate layer. Bhakti and Neha looked focused.

However, none knows how a small mistake could actually hit the final nail in the coffin. With just three more days to go for finale of MasterChef, audiences can’t hide the excitement to see who is going to lift the trophy soon. They are curious to notice which contestant finally meets expectations of the judges, matching even a bit of chef Vikas’ excellence. The one dish that stands out will directly qualify for the finals while the worst two will be sent home then and there. Curtains will be off the results in today’s episode then it will be clear who gets close to their dream of getting the life changing amount and, most importantly, the tag of MasterChef winner.