Vijay Sharma’s Journey in MasterChef Kitchen Comes to an End

April 08 01:05 2015

mastchef 4New Delhi, Wednesday, April 8 – MasterChef India Season 4 entered final week on Monday wherein the contestants were asked to prepare a dish which is close to their heart and tells a story of bonding with family and friends.

Karishma Sakhrani, Neha Deepak Shah, Bhakti Arora Manekar, Vijay Sharma, Ashish Singh and Nikita Gandhi were the home cooks who qualified for this round, beating 6 others in the previous weeks. Everyone seemed desperate to put his/her best foot forward as a trivial mistake could have ended their stint on the popular cookery show. And the same happened with Vijay, who hail from a small place in Rajasthan, when his recipe ‘brinjal with stuffed biryani’ remained slightly lower than judges’ expectations.

Despite adding correct flavors to different elements of the dish, Vijay couldn’t meet the standards required in finale week. As compared to other plates, his efforts did not pay off. Karishma Sakhrani, whose Idiyappam dough accidentally fell on the ground, kept the calm and prepared it another time. Her dish wasn’t outstanding but the freshness she added on her plate seemed absolutely refreshing to Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Neha stole the show with misthi doi, falooda, kulfi and nut crunch. Her experiment received words of praise from chefs Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar also. A glimpse of her recipe was adequate to tell how efficiently she combined all the components to take flavors at peak. Nikita was successful in impressing the master chefs with her ‘khaja pastry’ wherein she incorporated Indian flavors and looks to make it stand out. A thin mango paper at the top was attention-grabbing. She made a sugar stick and named it Burj Khalifa. If truth be told, her stay in Gujarat and Dubai was perfectly reflecting on a small plate.

Bhakti who spilled the ‘hero’ of her dish on the floor gathered energy to remake it once again. Brar’s timely piece of advice helped her to forget all worries and start from the beginning. She dedicated her dish to husband, who is a diabetic. For the reason that health was her key point at this stage, the wild card entrant gave a totally new face to nutritious elements. Wheat flour momo concept was outstanding. Ashish prepared falafel what he has been cooking for years in his food stall at Ambala. He survived the eviction another time against Vijay for using much of the techniques to create a beautiful dish, being at par with soaring hopes.

Vijay, whose journey in the MasterChef kitchen was full of fun and excitement, was heartbroken. Even judges failed to shed their tears. Chef Sanjeev showed him a video message of his nephew who wished Vijay a good luck for the upcoming challenges. This made Vijay to break down in tears. Despite the fact that his journey on such a big platform came to an end, the respect he earned in everyone’s heart is thanks to his terrific performance in the previous weeks. Only one wins at last and this time it wasn’t Vijay’s turn. He though brought a new idea of stuffing eggplant but somewhere the entire appearance of the dish was not catchy. MasterChef India finale will take place on April 12, letting the victor to get humongous amount of INR 1 crore as the prize money and the chef coat.