MasterChef India Season 4 Enters Final Week; Contestants Put Best Foot Forward to be Winner

April 06 23:58 2015

masterchef latestNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 7 – finally that time arrived when one among Ashish Singh, Karishma Sakhrani, Neha Deepak Shah, Bhakti Arora Manekar, Vijay Sharma and Nikita Gandhi will get to wear chef coat after lifting the winner’s trophy on Sunday, April 12, in view of the fact that grand finale is going to be a starry affair.

Since the popular cookery show has entered final week, challenges are not going to be any less. In fact, it will be augmented, testing all the abilities of top 6 contestants how they perform when only one question remains and that is about winning at the end, utilizing all the facilities, chance and the talent to cook food.

Here is to state that most of the finalists were home cooks, having little or no experience of presenting dishes on a big platform. However, exploiting the opportunity at different time intervals after entering into MasterChef kitchen a couple of months ago, they have earned name and fame in several countries within a short span of time.

Since they had faith in themselves and difficulties in the past motivated to put their best foot forward, they are standing on the verge of success where a few good performance will help them turn their dream of winning MasterChef India Season 4 into reality.

Chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar, who do not require any introduction further, started the week by asking contestants how they feel to see the MasterChef coat bearing their names. Vijay recalled how hard was his childhood as early responsibilities made him grow up early and stay away from childhood. Ashish was inconsolable as he missed his father to a great extent. Nikita told her parents always wanted to be known from her identity and this has somewhat fulfilled. Karishma’s dream is to open a restaurant and her confidence is boosted after being in the ‘final 6’. Bhakti and Neha were happy and emotional to reach at this spot through their dedication and hard work.

Task in the Finale week was to create a dish that tells its own story. Ashish’s confidence was up and probably it was due to presenting surprising dish to judges using ‘amchoor’ as a key component during the weekend. Surviving the eviction, he gave a clear signal to the rivals not to consider him less talented at any cost. He effectively made radish ribbons what he learnt in MasterChef kitchen. Use of other techniques was also done by him.

Vijay, on the other hand, also look promising despite not choosing any new technique. He made biryani stuffed in brinjal and placed it over the coal to add a desi flavor. Neha, who did not give up to be on the show from second season, left no stone unturned to be through into the next round. She experimented to make misthi doi with falooda. Karishma geared up to stand out and be safe from elimination. Nikita impressed chef Sanjeev by making a thin mango paper. Bhakti tried to make something healthy, keeping in mind to make nutritious cuisines which can be eaten by diabetic and other patients, but just before giving her dish a finishing touch, she accidentally spill it on the floor.

Whose hard work has paid off at the end will be aired today.  The best five recipes will get nearer to final round and the creator of weakest dish flies back to home instantly. The pressure to execute all plans accordingly is extreme on the participants. All eyes are struck on the result, which is to be declared on Tuesday night, giving viewers more clarity over the contestants who will fight for being in MasterChef kitchen till the last day. Audience is curious to know who all are through to next round and who is the one that misses the huge opportunity by an inch.