Neha Deepak Shah, Bhakti Arora Manekar Get Ticket to Finale; Nikita Gandhi Misses Opportunity by an Inch

April 01 05:14 2015

bhakti aroraNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 1 – As revealed a day ago, Deepak Shah and Bhakti Arora Manekar have won ticket to finale, which is the first step to take them close to their dream of winning the chef coat, a big prize money and, of course, a trophy. Nikita Gandhi, who has been outstanding throughout MasterChef India 4, missed the chance by an inch as judges found Bhakti’s sweet rice balls, filled with bael halwa, slightly better than former’s snack tray, which had biscuits with amla filling and tulsi & bael flavored tea.

To be in the race to grand finale of this cookery show, Ashish Singh, Vijay Sharma, Karishma Sakhrani, Nikita and Pratibha Kocher will have to give their best. Ashish dish was weakest among all as the biryani made by him lacked all the essential flavors. The hero of the dish was supposed to be aegle marmelos but he failed to understand the concept of incorporating provided elements like neem leaves, pipli, ginger, amla, red lily flower and tulsi in a way near to perfect.

Pratibha’s recipe grabbed eyeballs for good reasons but it was far ahead of excellence showed by top two young ladies. Vijay made a mistake while using pipli in his cuisine which added a bitter taste to it.  MasterChef India 4 is all set to enter in final stage after a few weeks. Best cooking skills of the home cooks will take a few of them in the last round. Neha was the first participant who has achieved a recognizable spot thanks to her creative thinking. Her plan to make tulsi flavored ice-cream, a crisp ring and soft-crispy base with tasty filling stood out amid others. Chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar were all words of praise for the dynamic kitchen star, who gave ayurvedic ingredients totally a new face.