Home Cooks Put Best Foot Forward to Win Ticket to Finale of MasterChef India 4

March 31 02:57 2015

mastchef 4New Delhi, Tuesday, March 31 – Race to win ticket to finale began on MasterChef India 4, a cookery show that doesn’t require any introduction. The home cooks turned up at audition venue to be the winner at the end but only a few participants were successful to do this through cooking skills.

Bhakti Arora Manekar, Ashish Singh, Vijay Sharma, Karishma Sakhrani, Nikita Gandhi, Pratibha Kocher and Neha Deepak Shah are the top seven contestants who gained massive popularity across the world in a short span of time. These home cooks honed skills after being on a platform which opens door to success for those who have trust in their capabilities and know how to make use of earned opportunity in the best way possible.

The new week started with a surprise for all the contestants when great chefs Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar introduced a big mystery box which made everyone burst into laughter after finding chef Sanjeev Kapoor  inside it. He came with several herbal ingredients, taking contestants by surprise.

The challenge was to make a delicious and innovative recipe using neem leaves, pipli, aegle marmelos (bael), amla, red lily flower and tulsi. Everyone got a shock for a second as these are mostly used in ayurvedic medicines. The fear to lose at this point was clearly visible on the faces of each contestant. Nikita did not knew how to use bael and same was the situation with Ashish, who later decided to prepare a biryani with given ingredients.

Neha planned to make tulsi flavored ice-cream, using other elements creatively, while Bhakti chose to steam mouth-watering balls, incorporating three key components. Pratibha and Vijay showed expertise in straining bael juice but it is yet to be noticed whether they used it correctly or not. Creative thinking is needed to proceed further and come closer to the dream of attaining winner’s title on a decisive day. To chase the goal, contestants are desperately pouring great efforts to be victorious and be the first one to book a berth in the final round.

The level of difficulty has augmented for the kitchen stars as they need to be on track to impress judges and stand out. Nothing more than an outstanding dish could come to their rescue. If rumors are to be trusted then three ladies have made way in top 3 of this ongoing season. Neha, Bhakti and Nikita are reportedly said to contest in grand finale. People have to wait a bit more to see a potential candidate getting the chef coat, trophy and life changing amount at last.