Nikita-Vijay Pair Wins Team Task, Ashish & Neha Likely to Feel Pressure during Weekend

March 27 02:09 2015

nikitaNew Delhi, Friday, March 27 – The kind of fame participants of MasterChef gain in a short span of time is matchless. Home cooks get an optimal chance to earn popularity from a platform which demands dedicated efforts, hard work and innovative thinking as these being ideal elements to taste success.

Contestants of MasterChef India Season 4 reached Dubai this time to take food lovers by surprise through delicious recipes. After presenting an individual dish in the sudden elimination this week, dynamic cooks were divided in a team of two. Ashish Singh & Neha Deepak Shah were in red team, Nikita Gandhi & Vijay Sharma in blue team and Pratibha Kocher & Bhakti Arora Manekar in green team.

Task was to prepare two snacks per team and serve it to the customers coming in the food village. When all the contenders were speeding up the pace, top chefs Sanjeev Kapoor, Vikas Khanna and Ranveer Brar visited each stall to see how preparations are being done.

Lack of understanding was clearly visible between Bhakti and Pratibha who were trying to do so much in a definite time frame. This built pressure on the two women when consumers began to complain of not getting ordered dishes on time despite waiting for long.

Neha isn’t a team player and this got proved when she did not taste cheese popcorn made by Ashish, who never tasted or prepared it earlier. Tension soared when judges informed them about spiciness in the mixture. Taking their advice, both teammates added some lime jest and juice to balance the flavor.

Nikita, who by mistake added salt in rice pudding, did not lose the cool, changed gear and started doing the things again right from the first step with full confidence. Vijay’s calm and composed behavior helped her make the dish to stand out amid other recipes. The ongoing MasterChef India Season 4 has always grabbed eyeballs whenever introduced a twist. It did the same this time as well. The team task was put in place to test how everyone performs when hundreds of thousands of eaters gather to taste food and help the best squad win it by casting their votes.

Delay in making tortilla to serve a key snack made Bhakti and Pratibha stay behind Nikita & Vijay who won it with a good margin. Missing the spirit to work in a group let Neha and Ashish get only 150 votes, which were lowest of all. Green team heaved a sigh of relief when it was told that top two teams will join Karishma Sakhrani. However, the very next moment, judges informed next competition to happen between top 5 contestants. Viewers can’t wait to see what new and surprising is going to be introduced that will require contestants to be victorious at the end.