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March 11 14:57 2015
A mastermind and a rare talent of modern music, Dechard can set the dance floor sweltering in no time. Taxing to challenge this powerhouse of talent Dechard knows just what to perform and where!

In the world of music production, one name that emerges blazing in so far as disco jockeying is concerned, Riccardo Di Benedetto, popularly known as Dechard is a music sensation of this decade. A gleaming musician, sound designer and producer, Dechard was raised under Italian ethnicity, however, by birth, is a Belgian. Fundamentally working on modular sounds, Dechard has been known for his exceptional mélange of vintage and modern notes, that discharge animating vibe, incredibly compelling listeners to jump in utter ecstasy. It was recently revealed that the creations of Riccardo can now be downloaded for free through 

His tracks are undoubtedly unique; notes are clearly perceptible and hardly strident on the eardrums. Soothing yet grooving, Dechard practically likes to play with notes and like a magician able to concoct exceptionally unique, invigorating tracks. In collaboration with prominent singing stars like Alex Vargas, he took up a challenge and finally worked on  projects and his debut MTV commercial “Lie” with Jeroosalem  in the year of 2012 made him an outstanding figure overnight. With highest accolade, the track was greatly welcomed.

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Even though his journey started at much tender age, around 16, his standing today is incredibly colossal. There was a time when Dechard used to perform in local clubs, impressed people with his DJing performance, but today he is having his own personal studio where he is incessantly designing incredible tracks with the dreamy chords. In 2013, Dechard released his first EP, “Amazing”.

However, this passionate musician had bigger dreams and knew not what it meant to dwell on limitations. So he had planned to soar higher, challenge his own competence and made Europe dance on his blazing notes. He purposefully moved to Los Angeles, designed a beautiful soundtrack for a T.V series, which was scheduled to be broadcasted on Fox TV and grabbed attention in no time. To quote his words “I moved to Los Angeles and it was good, being able to share my music with many people is awesome, but working on a soundtrack for a TV series is incredible! Stay tuned.”

Dechard can be heard on, his craze to generate innovative soundtracks made him work in collaboration with singers and groups like Kinqueen, Bob Sinclar, Edx, AlexVargas and Phaze Project. His main goal is to regularly produce and record fresh soundtracks, having unmistakable charm and thereby challenging the biggest names in the industry. 

About the company

Since 2013, Dechard, an Italy based, music composer, DJ and a big entertainer has been offering incredible remixes, TV commercial and DJying service all around Italy and Europe. Today he is a renowned name in the music industry.

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