Now Indian students in USA & Canada can prepare for SAT, IIT and PMT exams right from the comfort of their study rooms

February 13 13:16 2015

Kshitij Education India online live classroom program

Indian students have always been making news with the perfect possible score on SAT sailing through their way to successful admission in top US universities. Only a handful of about 300 aspirants clinch the perfect score from the pool of 1.5 Million students who take the test every year across the globe. Similarly back in India IIT & PMT are touted to be one of the toughest engineering & medical entrance exams in the world. The sheer number of aspirants, approximately 1.3 Million who vie for a seat in the coveted centre of excellence, the IITs & AIIMS, makes JEE one of the toughest engineering entrance exams in the world.

Kshitij Education India, a pioneer in the E-Learning technology, brings the best of faculties in the best of infrastructural setup, just a click away. Kshitij Education India has increasingly bolstered their infrastructure to rev up their presence in this competitive supplemental education market. There in the quality of guidance/tutoring assumes the role of paramount importance in the entire journey of a successful student donning the alum-caps of the prestigious institutions.

Kshitij Education India breaks out of the traditional offline learning or recorded lecture or correspondence study material or online test series based pedagogy which were popular until last few years. They have made efforts and simulated a true classroom like situation right at the study of the aspirant. An aspirant by the dint of bare minimum infrastructural requirement can have the best of faculty right at his study room. Kshitij has made training by IITians possible for a tier 2 city candidate in India, on an internet speed as little as 512 kbps with minimal hardware requirements such as a PC, webcam, headphone with mic. In one such typical classroom the teacher and student communicate on a two way duplex, interactive sessions all through with all the speaking and writing controls interchangeably. With Kshitij establishing its presence in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Singapore, and Indonesia it seems that the coaching problems of NRI students have been completely solved. Indian faculty members are widely acknowledged across the globe as one of the best in the field. The Indian education system emphasises on the importance of math and science in the shaping up of a student’s academic career and thus churns out quality products.

SAT, IIT and PMT tests are all about planning and strategizing, coupled with hardwork. Kshitij Education India has devised strategies, ensuring an effective utilisation of e-learning technology has dedicated itself to advanced pedagogical R&D. “Our mission is to revolutionize the way online coaching is being conducted globally. It has made a substantive difference to the way online coaching industry adds value to an aspirant’s endeavours,” says Mr Prashant Sahay, CEO of Kshitij Education India.

Kshitij has hogged the limelight in the supplemental education industry, being the pioneer in the true online live coaching classes for SAT, IIT-JEE, PMT and Boards, across the globe. So the aspirants have a one stop shop for all their needs with respect to knowledge, practicality and application.

Facilities at Kshitij and the coaching format is designed in such a way that will guide them through the exam and help them crack it. This model is gaining success and aspirants are really benefitting from it. The level of interaction increases via virtual classrooms as compared to the physical classroom where only there can be only limited number of students at a time. Along with the high level of direct virtual interaction, the teachers get instant feedback on their conduct. “Our institute have IITians as faculties which assures of the best of qualities at all levels from boards to SAT/IIT/PMT entrance exam preparation,” says Mr Sahay of Kshitij, the first one-of-its-kind provider of Online Live Classes in SAT, IIT, PMT and Boards.

Besides, batch courses, online classes are also conducted on Personalised 1-on-1 format, customised to meet the need of aspirants on an individual basis. This helps a student fulfil his potential on both PMT/JEE/SAT and Boards level along with a personal tutor. The 1-on-1 classes are highly interactive in nature and involve aspirants in a more meaningful way, helping a student enhance his knowledge and significantly improve his ability to grapple with topics of different levels of difficulty. There are many situations where coaching in offline and online mode alone does not work. Sometimes, students have challenges that coaching session cannot solve. In such cases a more personalised approach coupled with detailed engagement on specific issues affecting productivity is addressed in an inspiring environment through frequent assessment of the understanding level of the student on a fortnightly basis alongside doubt-removal-sessions, immediately thereafter.

In these coaching engagement programmes, extensive focus & workings are done on the aspirant’s progress and identification of the weak areas. This also helps the parents with invaluable insights on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Such courses are flexible in nature which enables a student to decide the duration of course as per his convenience and need. Besides, it helps focus on specific chapters and topics of choice along with the faculty as well. An aspirant enjoys utmost flexibility in timings as total focus gets on how to facilitate a detailed engagement of the teacher and student. “IITians @ Your Home, the 1-on-1 classes are economical, given the quality of faculty who are mostly IITians and qualified doctors and as a sole participant in the class, the student receives complete attention of the teacher at a much more affordable rate, thanks to savings on account of advanced technology,” says Sahay of Kshitij.

The concept of Kshitij Education India promises and delivers consistency with respect to study material and course content quality. Such classes are centrally conducted and administered across a larger span of the globe where-in a class sees participation from students hailing from both India and abroad.

Kshitij Education India has tapped the overseas market primarily comprising the Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and the Overseas Citizens of India (OCIs), who are raring to go for one of the toughest competitive exams in the world, the SAT, the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced and AIPMT. The Institute has registered encouraging response from students in the Gulf Region and from locations like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain etc. Countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong from the Far East to countries in the Africa and the Americas are also very responsive towards the online coaching programs for SAT, JEE and PMT. 

Workshops and Boot-Camps are being conducted periodically in schools across the globe to ensure wider reach. This path-breaking mode of e-teaching is expected to be in every student’s home. E-learning has become a low cost revolutionary technological solution, transcending all other geographical barriers.  

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