What to Eat to End Karwa Chowth Fast!

October 22 05:18 2013

eatablesOctober 22 – Today is the fasting day due to the auspicious occasion of Karwa Chowth. Women all around the nation keep fast on this day in the belief that appropriate fasting and praying will give long life to their husbands. Earlier the festival was just popular among North Indian females only, however, in a very short span of time, it has earned huge popularity and acceptability in various corners of the country.

Well, those who are fasting today should understand about the right stuffs to be eaten while breaking their fasts at moonrise. All ladies need to understand that instantly they should not consume anything too heavy to break their fasts, no matter how tempting a chocolate shake looks to you and how delicious a calorie rich pudding appears. In view of the fact that you have not eaten anything since sunrise, keep in mind to end fast with some sorts of liquids, for instance, fruit juices.

A low calorie dinner is recommended as this will help your digestive system work properly. Too much intake of any oily eatable can cause an imbalance to it, creating a sort of discomfort for you throughout the night. Best is the option to choose pulses that are easy to digest, fruits having much of the water content, fresh yogurt without any add-ons and soups that are also low on calorie.

This way, without getting into any sort of undesirable uneasiness, fasts can be kept and broken. Pray for longer life for your soul mates but also keep a good eye on your health too. Eat light, avoid oily stuffs and stay fit.