“Learn Mountaineering campaign” initiated by globally recognized mountaineer Rajiv Saumitra

February 02 10:56 2015
• Successfully scaled Antarctica’s highest peak Mount Vinson (4892 m) and has gone as far as the South pole – 90 degree south
• Rajiv Saumitra’s son Harshit Saumitra created a world record by scaling Mount Everest base camp & KALA PATHAR peak (5550 m) at the age of 5 years & 11 months and to make the achievement memorable Harshit Foundation was established

Varanasi, 02 February 2015 – Globally recognized mountaineer and geography teacher Rajiv Saumitra who recently, on Christmas, hoisted the Indian tricolour on Antarctica’s highest peak Mount Vinson (4892 m), today announced his latest initiative ‘Learn Mountaineering Campaign’. The initiative is aimed at creating awareness amongst the common man about mountaineering, especially enabling them to deal with floods, cloud burst and landslides which are very common in mountainous and hill areas. Often people wait for help from the government, army and police, leading to higher casualties. Creating awareness would help reduce both this dependence as well as fatality rate in such incidents.

Commenting on the initiative, Rajiv Saumitra, said: “Mountaineering has always been one of most adventurous sports and has lured many Indians, especially those like me who want to get away from the high-stress, capital-intensive ecosystems in which we live. It is a probably the best tool to reconnect with and re-discover not just ones own self but also mother nature which for most of us is just visuals we see on channels like the National Geographic.

“In reality mountaineering is not just a sport for the youth and those going through middle-age but is also a sport that can immensely help our children evolve into far better, more aware and healthier human beings. In fact children are far more agile and natural mountaineers than us adults and it is sheer pleasure seeing them climb. Mountaineering though is one of the expensive sports with very little government support. While on the one hand my constant endeavour has been to create awareness at all levels of government about the sport and its needs, I also feel that if people were aware and had some experience of mountaineering then disaster management at times of natural calamities such as the Jammu & Kashmir and Uttarakhand’s Kedarnath floods would have been far more effectively executed, saving many lives in the bargain. The ‘Learn Mountaineering Campaign’ is one such small initiative from my end to contribute to the larger cause,” added Rajiv Saumitra.

Another key initiative by Rajiv Saumitra is the “Harshit Foundation”, which he established to make his son Harshit Saumitra’s achievement of setting a world record by scaling Mount Everest’s base camp & Kala Pathar peak (5550 m) at the age of 5 years 11 months memorable. Harshit Foundation will the manage ‘Learn Mountaineering Campaign’ and motivate people, specially students for mountaineering & disaster management to save self & other lives.

Prior to conquering Mount Vinson Rajiv Saumitra has also reached the South Pole – 90 Degree South and hoisted India’s national flag there.


About Rajeev Saumitra

Was it his several attempts at the administrative services examinations or a burning desire to chase the basic human natural instinct to move upwards that baptized him by fire? Rajeev Saumitra found his calling in filling the gap that most teachers didn’t offer in preparing aspirants towards India’s competitive exams. He founded Paramount Coaching Centre in 2006 in Delhi. Yes, the mount in paramount being a reflection of his deep personal love for mountains.

It didn’t take him long before his love for geography found its following in his students who responded to his unconventional teaching methods with overwhelming numbers. Paramount is one of Delhi’s leading institutes today. Success helped a new perspective dawn. The need of a geographer to go closer to nature and the mountain in paramount became more and more evident and driving.

Along with teaching, Rajeev’s love for mountaineering also gradually kept growing and today he has scaled the world’s highest peak ‘Mount Everest’ (8848 meters), Europe’s highest peak ‘Mount Albrus, the Tanzania located highest peak of the African continent ‘Mount Kilimanjaro’, Antarctica’s highest peak ‘Mount Vinson’. He has also planted the Indian and Paramount Coaching Centre flags at the South Pole making India proud.

Rajeev Saumitra’s biggest and happiest moment of his life came on 18 October 2014 when his student and son Harshit Saumitra, at the mere age of 5 years and 11 months, scaled the Everest base camp and Kalapathar (5550 meter), setting a new world record. In order to make this achievement memorable and keep it alive for times to come, Rajeev started a foundation named after his son ‘Harshit Foundation’ which is focused on providing education, support, better health and encouraging mountaineering amongst students and sportsmen.


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