Partly Cloudy Sky, Wind Continue to Add Icy Feel in Capital

January 23 00:30 2015

weatherNew Delhi, Friday, January 23 – Post witnessing showers early on Thursday for more than a few hours, Delhi people got a slight relief with no signs of rain today. Despite the fact that sky remained overcast on Friday, possibility of observing the sunshine, though with no intensity, brought huge relief for the general public.

The bone-chilling cold got augmented a day ago when untimely precipitation started to occur prior to the dawn. Many chose to stay inside to stay away from biting winter conditions as much as possible. The number of absences in the schools and offices was higher than the people present. Owing to bad weather, several parents did not send their young ones to the educational institutes. Traffic jams in the peak house made office goers reach a tad late at the work place, affecting the normal schedule. Waterlogging in various regions also affected the movement of vehicles. Rainfall lashed streets of the capital, bringing huge discomfort of the populace with no proper means to avoid the attack of cold waves.

Even though efforts are being made by the government and authorities to provide shelter to everyone but it is not turning out to be feasible as hundreds of thousands of residents are homeless and have no place to survive other than to form temporary shelter in the roadside or under the bridge.

According to the recent weather reports, Delhi will shiver up till the month end as maximum and minimum temperatures are will drop from 17 to 13 and 7 to 5 degree Celsius, respectively. Not only this, Monday and Tuesday could be the rainy days. Pace of the gust will go up from 8 km per hour to 21 km per hour.

The sudden drop in mercury might surprise the residents who were expecting the sky to be clear during late January. A ceiling on the wintry climate will be put by plenty of sunshine, which is likely to gain foothold early next month.