Bollywood Singer/Actor Lucky Ali accused of Cheating and Fraud

December 18 09:58 2014

The Bollywood Singer/Actor Lucky Ali has been charged with forgery and cheating a businessman Syed Rizwan in Bangalore by collecting 92 Lakhs after forging documents for land he did not possess using his brother’s signature and forged GPA. Mansoor Ali, brother of Lucky Ali has filed a complaint no. 4756/2014 under sections 420, 465, 468, 471 and 406 with Yelahanka New Town Police station for cheating, forgery and fraud. 

Lucky Ali had forged the signature of Mansoor Ali and claimed he had a GPA from him for the ownership of land in Ali Estate Stud farm which was completely sold by his father and comedian the Late Mehmood Ali to Century Group, a leading real estate company in 1991. However, sensing his Brother Mansoor Ali’s absence in the United States. He created a forged GPA and collected monies from businessmen in Bangalore. After Mansoor Ali came to know that his name has been used in the fraudulent transaction, he immediately approached the Yelahanka Police Station and lodged the complaint for fraud.

When contacted the Century Group Chairman Satish Pai commented “His father Mahmood Ali sold all his land to us to clear his Income Tax dues and other debts he had incurred in 1991. We gave some lands to all his children as a mark of respect to Mahmood and we gave Lucky also 4 acres of land. All his other family members are happy and settled, however, Lucky Ali has been doing these fraudulent activities for a long time now. He has collected monies from us by filing false complaints and then coming back to courts and compromising. He did that in 1993 in High Court when he collected money from us, again in 2002 he made a compromise in case no. 7295/2002 and in 2010 in Karnataka High Court in RFA No. 154/2010 where he declared clearly the ownership of the property.

“Due to his sad state of affairs, we granted him another 2 acres of land to help him with his bankrupt financial situation but after selling the land and spending all the money, he has again resorted to these fraudulent practices of collecting money from the public by showing false documents and making fraudulent claims. Being a celebrity, he speaks and people trust him easily but the fact is that there is no land with him for sale and there are so many cheating and fraud cases pending against him in PCR No. 278/2013 in Additional Magistrate court in Bangalore with Cheque bounce case, then in case no. 2436/2014 for cheating and forgery and PCR No. 1172/2014 for cheating. He keeps saying in the press that he owns land worth many hundreds of crores but the real truth is he is bankrupt and owes a lot of money to various people and the innocent public should really be careful of parting their money and check necessary documents of his claims with necessary legal clearances and many people have lost their hard earned money.

“We advise all innocent people to lodge complaint against him with the Joint Police Commissioner Law and Order. He is married with three wives who have left him due to his drug addiction and various cheating cases against him. He has also fabricated other brother Masoom Ali’s GPA and registered his land fraudulently in favour of his first wife as the beneficiary. His first wife is Meaghan McCleary who appeared in Oh Sanam who has gone back to New Zealand, His second wife is Anahita Mistry who has moved back to Mumbai and third wife is Kate Elizabeth Hallam who falsely claimed as being Miss England but was an ordinary Kannada extra artist.”

When his ex partner Mr. Asif Iqbal was contacted, he commented, “Lucky Ali is a big fraud and due to his losses and bankruptcy he resorts to all sorts of desperate measures, I had to dissolve my partnership with him as he was putting my name to risk by using my name and goodwill in the market and was collecting monies and taking undue favours on my behalf. I had to disassociate myself from him for this reason. He had collected lot of money from me too showing fraudulent documents of land ownership in Bangalore. He claimed he owned land in the estate but when I asked for the documents, he failed to produce them. I know the whole family and they are very good honest people with values, but he is the only one who is resorting to such fraudulent ways to make quick money. He has fraudulently used the names and signatures of his brothers on various documents to collect monies from innocent people.”

Another Lady Mrs. Bujjamma has also lodged complaint of cheating against him and his three wives in Case No. 16462/2013 in Yelahanka New Town for collecting 40 lakhs and and signing a Joint Development Agreement in 2011, and now he is cheating her by demanding more money by threatening her with various rowdies and goondas. Again, she has filed a complaint in Yelahanka New Town police station on 25-11-2014 with Complaint no. 1172/2014. The three wives have collected the amount and signed the Joint development agreement and since then are not traceable. Bujjamma is planning to move the Home ministry in New Delhi to issue notices through the Indian embassy in New Zealand and Indian Embassy in the UK to trace and issue summons to the wives. 

His nephew Mahir Ali has also published Notices through his advocate Vishwanath HM in the Newspapers on July 12, 2013 warning the public that Lucky Ali was trying to fraudulently sell their property by fabricating GPAs and they should be careful. The general public was already warned in this regard.

Public has been warned to look and check for necessary documents before parting with any monies to Lucky Ali.

Check the copy of FIR:

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