Yoo Launches Online Networking Platform for Delhi Metro Travellers

November 17 13:16 2014

Delhi Metro travellers can now engage and interact with each other through the first social networking platform for like-minded travellers.

Delhi, India – Yoo, an online social networking platform, the first of its kind, has just been launched at www.yoo.in. The site aims at encouraging engagement and interaction among Delhi Metro travellers. Yoo helps users find fellow-travellers on their usual route and like-minded people to spend quality time with and at the same time making their journey on the Delhi Metro more interactive and engaging.

“More and more travellers are using the Delhi Metro for conveyance and would like to know new people and establish a relationship with people of the same passion and interest,” said Mohit Pande, the Co-founder of Yoo. “Every day I see people eager to meet new people and to have a meaningful and interactive conversation. So we thought why not to apply this trend to the metro-travellers as more travellers seek to meet like-minded peopleon their daily routes. However the trend goes, our website will continue to serve the growing urban populace and the active travellers will find what they need at Yoo.in.”

The site provides the option for users to add their own routes as well as find fellow-travellers on the same route. This gives users the opportunity to interact personally as well as maintain a relationship and learn the cultural immersion of the Delhi people. Users with disabilities are provided priority-listing to help them find companions more easily than other members.

Yoo is designed to help active travellers to easily meet those who are travelling through the  Delhi Metro, communicate directly with people of the same interest so as to engage with them when they travel on their usual metro route. Users can navigate quickly through the site and find precisely the travellers on their own route without encountering frustrating, dead-end or irrelevant searches. Once users find their ideal traveller, they can click on message link to chat with them.

About the website

Founded in August 2014, Yoo is the leading online networking platform, dedicated to engaging 2798853+ daily Metro commuters, and is focused on helping individuals to add their metro-routes and find people with matching interests travelling on the same route. Based in Delhi, India, the site not only regularly updates its users about the latest news in town but also offers the finest amalgamation of thoughts, people, adventure, ideas and conversations from around the iconic city of Delhi.

To learn more about the social platform, visit http://www.yoo.in or contact them at [email protected]

For more information, contact: Gaurav Siddharth, the Founder, and Mohit Pande, the Co-founder of Yoo


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