Homosexuality is illegal, says Supreme Court; Verdict Brings Disappointment for LGBT Community

December 11 17:33 2013

supreme courtNew Delhi, Wednesday, December 11 – The world is celebrating special date 11/12/13 in their own ways, but the day brought huge disappointment for gay community as soon as Supreme Court stated that gay sex is illegal. It set aside Delhi High Court verdict decriminalizing homosexuality.

Since Supreme Court pronounced homosexuality a criminal offence, it brought setback for the LGBT Community (group of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). The decision was a massive blow for gay community, however, SC put the onus on Parliament to amendments. The highest judicial forum left final decision on Parliament and said if it wants to amend 377, then they can do so.

Now, a million dollar question arises here, whether parliament would step in the SC verdict? Mixed reactions have come out as soon as the news spread. The common mob, politicians and B-town celebrities chose social networking platforms to express their view on the verdict, which can affect 80 million Indians. Ball is now in the court of Parliament to amend the law.  However, as far now, gay populace is extremely unhappy with today’s decision.