Vegetable Prices All Set to Pinch Customers’ Pocket Prior to Navratri Festival

September 16 05:04 2014

Vegetable PricesNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 16 – To manage household expenses is one of the biggest challenges for lower and middle class people. In view of the fact that prices of vegetables, fruits and other domestic goods keep on going up from time to time without prior hint, it becomes almost impossible to for them to buy these items in the accurate quantity, which could meet their family needs.

There is no actual time for hiking rates of kitchen staples and this is the major reason why customers have to spend the lions’ share of their hard earned money to buy essential ingredients required for cooking meals. For almost a month and a half, populace splurged to get needed amount of vegetables and retain original flavor of curry dishes and pulses for the reason that crop producing states faced draught-like situation, which further led retailers and wholesalers to sell raw veggies at a higher price.

Tomato disturbed kitchen budget on more than a few occasions as it was sold at the range of Rs. 80 and Rs. 90 throughout August. Sign of relief was vague as onions and potato also stayed in the price structure of Rs. 35 and Rs. 40. A lot of people were left with no option but to leave even green vegetables in the market thanks to higher rates.

Prices came down a bit almost a week ago. Huge drop in the cost of tomato per kg was noticed as it was being sold at Rs. 50. Before the mob would have expected for further soothing, news regarding considerable increase has once again bothered them. As per recent reports, potato are now being sold at Rs 40 per kilogram at several locations of Delhi and it may go up a tad more after a week as 9-day long Navratri festival starts from September 25 to October 3. Since most of the people observe fast during this period and consume potato, tomato and fruits, significant rise in the rates of these vegetables are on the cards.

If truth be told, Delhiites have already started bearing the brunt of inflated prices another time. ‘We have been compromising on the quantity from last so many months and if picture remains the same for some more days, it is gonna create huge trouble for us in our regular life’, said a buyer who picked only some vegetables post taking into account sudden increase in the cost.