Partly Cloudy Sky Increases Humidity; Intensity in Heat Restricts People from Stepping Outside

September 16 05:40 2014

Nno rainew Delhi, Tuesday, September 16 – Half of September is already passed and still the national capital is reeling under heat. Even though monsoon rain lashed Delhi and NCR for more than a few days in the first week, however, residents failed to have an escape from hit and humid climatic conditions after that. Slight showers kept giving the indication that a little bit comfort can be expected later on as well but nothing happened as such.

Even though partly cloudy sky on Tuesday strengthened the hope for mild relief from sunlight, massive respite is not apparent in the upcoming days. Temperature during this week is probable to stay in the range of 32 degree Celsius and 35 degree Celsius. The level of dampness may go up from 34 percent to 46 percent. Speed of wind will vary from 13 km per hr to 19 km per hr that could be the massive source to put a ceiling on sticky summer post noontime.

If truth be told, residents are anticipated to wake up to sunny mornings at least for some days from now. Despite the fact that September being considered an ideal month for precipitation to occur, huge disappointment may be observed this time. Rain may fulfill the thirst of the earth by Sept-end and is likely to offer huge relaxation to the general public. Kids are mostly feeling the heat as they generally have to reach schools early and go back to home during the day, when temperature is usually higher as compared to any other time.

More rainfall is not anticipated to be witnessed during this month as well except for a few days during the final week of the current month. Many states observed weak monsoon in 2014 that is surely gonna have a massive impact on the life of common man. Survival is probable to get tougher in the metropolitan city in the upcoming days in view of the fact that due to less rainfall, production of essential items is not up to the mark as of now. This is they key reason why people have to shell out huge sums for getting vegetables and fruits.

Rain forecast hasn’t been so accurate on many occasions. The kind of weather people experienced last month to a certain extent annoyed them. For 3 to 4 times only, Delhi along with Noida, Ghaziabad and Gurgaon enjoyed the downpour. The unforeseen fluctuation in the climate over a couple of months made a lot of inhabitants suffer from viral diseases and seasonal flu. If recent reports from close sources are to be trusted then cases of children and elderly people putting up with mild fever, soar throat etc. were up. The number has though come a bit lower as of now, however, unexpected shower or rise in temperature can worsen their situation or affect some others as well.