Secret of Good Health Lies in the Kitchen, Says Study

September 16 06:50 2014

milkNew Delhi, Tuesday, September 16 – As per a recent study, one can stay healthy for several decades if he knows what to eat and what not to consume during different time.  Those who have underestimated the power of herbs and other immunity boosting elements present in every household would be surprised to know about magical properties of such ingredients.

In the fast running life wherein people are least concerned about having a good health by taking in natural flavors, it wouldn’t be right to expect them to take care of the entire family. Everyone wants to opt for a shortcut. Instead of running, cycling or playing games on a daily basis, people want to shed extra pounds or put on considerable weight by spending time in the gym. However, when adequate attention is not paid over nutritional stuffs post exercising for an hour or more, nothing is gonna give desired results no matter, how much efforts one pours during workout sessions.

Starting the day with lukewarm water and a few drops of lemon juice is ideal. Those who do not want to be slimmer can ignore the latter one. Using turmeric paste or powder while creating a number of cuisines or just with a glass of milk can give mild respite to the people suffering from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. It even controls diabetes and lowers down cholesterol level. This common and easily found component makes immune system strong. Use of ginger in tea or food preparation reduces the chance of coming under the attack of colds, flu and coughs. If garlic, tomato and onions are incorporated with several other vegetables then people must make sure that these are not overcooked.

Massive transformation in the body, shape and skin can be observed if one keeps including sesame, coriander, cumin seeds, basil, curry leaves, fresh bay leaves, turmeric, galangal, mint, finely crush black & white pepper, star anise, cinnamon, fennel, milk, lemon grass, Kaffir lime, chives, apple, citrus fruits etc. in his diet in one way or the other. The moment he is able to do so,  a number of health secrets will be out then and there, the study revealed further.