Flood Victims in J&K Eye Apt Treatments, Food & Drinking Water

September 16 08:15 2014

flood1New Delhi, Tuesday, September 16 – Post huge rescue operations in flood-ridden Jammu and Kashmir, the victims now look forward to appropriate rehabilitation. The people in valley faced worst flood in more than 6 decades this year that has affected them in number of ways. Water level has come down but just a little bit. Most of the residential buildings are yet submerged. Stranded inhabitants were taken to safer place thanks to terrific efforts of by Army and IAF personnel.

The kind of situation that has appeared all of a sudden in J&K will take some time to fade away. Beauty of the state, which is generally considered the crown of India, is totally spoiled. Water is seen all around. The level of difficulty has mounted for the populace residing in far flung hilly regions. Managing food and clear water for drinking is the biggest challenge. Prime Minister Narendra Modi lately requested countrymen to kindly donate for the flood sufferers to lend a hand to them get back into normal life as early as possible.