From paper to pixels: how and digital Guest Books are revolutionizing wedding memories

May 17 22:58 2023
The rise of virtual guest books is helping couples move towards a more modern and eco-friendly way to capture memories and animate weddings.

The world has seen many changes over the past three years, and the wedding industry has been no exception. With the pandemic forcing couples to postpone or cancel their weddings, many have turned to digital solutions to celebrate their special day. One such solution is the digital guest book provided by It allows guests to send messages and photos to the newly-weds through a simple and user-friendly interface. has been in operation since 2016, but it was only during the pandemic that its popularity began to soar. The site allows guests to connect using a wedding code, which can be any unique identifier, such as the names of bride and groom. Guests can then send messages and photos via their browser, which are then displayed in a gallery that can be viewed online or projected onto a screen or TV like a slideshow. At the end of the wedding, a PDF featuring all the messages can be generated with just one click, providing a lasting memory of the event for all of the guests.

“Before the pandemic, had fewer than 20 guest books created per month”, said Michele Ampollini, founder of the Company. “However, since the pandemic began, the number of people creating digital guest books has skyrocketed. By autumn 2021, almost 6,000 guest books had been opened, each receiving an average of more than 50 messages from guests. This trend shows no sign of slowing down, even after the pandemic has ended.”

There are many advantages to using a digital guest book like

  • It eliminates the need for paper, reducing waste and environmental impact.

  • Unlike a traditional guest book, there are no limits to the number of messages or photos that can be included.

  • Guests can include selfies and other photos to create a more visual and personalized record of the wedding.

  • The PDF created at the end of the event can be easily shared with all guests, making it an unforgettable memory for everyone.

Far from being just a digital version of the paper guestbook, can be used as a cutting-edge photo booth alternative and as an engaging animation tool. It’s definitely an instrument without boundaries: guest books have been opened in more than 100 nations, the top users being the US, Singapore, the UK, India, Malaysia, Australia, and South Africa. Guest books are free for up to 50 guests and 250 messages, which is ideal for small weddings. Users can also purchase a premium version for larger events for as little as $29. Because of’s popularity, the founders are currently developing, a general version of designed for occasions like birthdays, graduations, celebrations, parties, and other events.

In the words of Laurent Bedubourg, Company’s CTO, “While the pandemic may have accelerated the trend of digital weddings, it is likely that this trend will continue long after the pandemic is over. The convenience and personalization offered by digital solutions are simply too good to ignore. In addition, as people become more environmentally conscious, these platforms will become even more attractive as they eliminate the need for paper and other physical materials.”

Virtual guest books such as exemplify the industry’s innovative response to the pandemic’s constraints, allowing couples to embrace digital tools and platforms to improve their special day, and showing the adaptability and resilience of the wedding industry in the face of unprecedented challenges. 

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