Funny Fur – A boutique for pets that specializes in fashionable dresses for dogs and apparel items

April 26 19:16 2023
Funny Fur is a specialty pet retailer dedicated to helping pet owners find everything they need for their stylish dogs all in one place, quickly and easily. Here, happy dogs and their devoted pet parents can find fashionable pet carriers, designer dog accessories, novelty dog toys, handcrafted pet jewelry, organic dog treats, pet furniture, and other wonderful dog gifts and goodies.

USA – Funny Fur is dedicated to offering stylish, incredibly useful, and environmentally friendly products for urban pet lifestyles. At Funny Fur, one can have their dog dressed as a prince or princess. Pet owners can choose the best dog accessories for their furry prince or princess by using Funny Fur’s list of the best pet jewelry. One’s pet’s tail is sure to wag with delight when it sees the hand-selected pet jewelry available from Funny Fur. 

Any casual event can be made into a blast by a cute dog dress, especially if one’s pet dog is wearing a designer diamond-studded dog harness. Additionally, Funny Fur carries dog dresses that are ideal for dressier social occasions. The understated elegance of this Louisdog Wow Padding Dress will make any dog positively glow, and this Wooflink Flower Garden Dress is sure to make anyone’s day.

Funny Fur established a warehouse and online store in Houston in 2006. Since that time, Funny Fur has gathered more than 2,000 items from all over the world and has been offering them for sale to customers at fair prices. Funny Fur moved to Houston’s ideal River Oaks neighborhood at the beginning of 2012. Numerous unique pet products, including upscale pet clothing and accessories, organic and holistic pet foods and treats, and home goods, are available in the new flagship store’s hundreds of unique pet categories.

One of the representatives at Funny Fur said, “If you’re looking for a fun and flirty dog dress, you’re sure to find something to love. Choose a dog dress that fits your cool, fun-loving gal, such as our Hawaiian Breeze DressWimbledon Dress, or V-Neck Denim Dog Dress. This dog dress can paws-down let your little cowgirl keep up her country-style personality!”

About Funny Fur:

Funny Fur is a specialty pet retailer dedicated to making it simple and convenient for pet owners to find everything they need for their stylish dogs in one place.

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