Modum Cafe’s Remarkable Turnaround: Boosting Ratings from 4.4 to 4.9 in Just 3 Months with What a Good Place’s Review Collection Service

April 17 18:26 2023
Modum Cafe's Remarkable Turnaround: Boosting Ratings from 4.4 to 4.9 in Just 3 Months with What a Good Place's Review Collection Service

St. Petersburg – Modum Cafe, a local coffee shop that once struggled to garner online attention, has experienced a tremendous boost in ratings on Yandex.Maps, leaping from 4.4 to 4.9 in just three months, thanks to the innovative review collection services provided by What a Good Place.

Starting in early January 2023, What a Good Place began working with Modum Cafe to improve its online presence and reputation. By the time the collaboration began, the cafe had only accumulated 38 reviews and 40 ratings over its 11-month existence. With a clear goal in mind, What a Good Place was determined to attract more customers and increase the number of reviews, ultimately elevating Modum Cafe’s rating.

Utilizing their state-of-the-art NFC feedback collection technology, What a Good Place installed table tents featuring QR codes and NFC tags at the cafe. This allowed customers to quickly and effortlessly leave reviews on geo-services, providing valuable insights into their experiences. Within just one month, Modum Cafe’s rating had increased to 4.5, earning them the prestigious “Good Place” badge from Yandex.Maps.

Driven by their initial success, the team at What a Good Place continued to regularly request reviews from customers. This consistent and strategic approach paid off: after 2.5 months of collaboration, Modum Cafe’s rating stands at an impressive 4.9, with the number of reviews rising to 65 and ratings to 95.

The increased ratings and “Good Place” badge have had a tangible impact on the cafe’s online presence. Modum Cafe now enjoys better search rankings for the query “cafe” in maps, resulting in increased traffic and a growing customer base. These improvements have solidified Modum Cafe’s reputation as the premier coffee shop within a 3 km radius.

The extraordinary success achieved by Modum Cafe through its partnership with What a Good Place is a testament to the power of leveraging innovative review collection services. Businesses looking to boost their ratings, attract more customers, and enhance profits are encouraged to explore the possibilities offered by What a Good Place’s tailored solutions.

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What a Good Place is a cutting-edge review collection service that helps businesses manage customer loyalty, promote their services on maps and digital spaces, and improve overall customer service quality. By using advanced feedback collection technologies and strategies, What a Good Place enables businesses to gain valuable insights and enhance their reputation, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and profitability.

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