G.TB International Inc Receives $20 Million Investment from MZ Global Investment Inc

January 30 15:05 2023

On 12.8, according to MZ Capital news, G.TB International Inc received an investment of 20 million US dollars from MZ Global Investment Inc

The company said the funds will be used to develop its Web3 metaverse project Gat’s Castle.G.TB International Inc recently announced that it has received an investment from MZ Global Investment Inc, which is working on developing the infrastructure for its Web3-based metaverse game Gat’s Castle.G.TB International Inc said the company is currently focusing on developing the GameFi chain game product by allowing players to deeply participate in the in-game economy, where players can create value for other players and developers. At the same time, players can be rewarded with in-game assets. These digital assets can be any crypto asset that is corroborated on the blockchain. the Play to Earn pursued by G.TB International Inc is focused more on maximizing player engagement than profit. The GameFi Gart Manor is now being developed and promoted to target the customer base in advance for the future metaverse project Gart Castle.

Players participating in Gart Manor now are the first original residents of the future metaverse Gart Castle when it goes live, and as original residents of Gart Castle are able to participate in the management and benefits of Gart Castle.MZ Global Investment Inc operates as an institutional-grade asset management firm focusing on investments in the blockchain and digital asset space. Its team has been active in blockchain investment and eco-building since 2018.MZ Global Investment Inc says that it has been their investment strategy to be able to step in early on potential companies, and they have seen G.TB International Inc achieve impressive scale growth throughout the early stages.

G.TB International Inc’s estate management game GartMano is currently in beta, and G.TB International Inc states that the “discovery” and “propagation” of the game’s value is most often done by players and rules based on trusted smart contracts, driven by transparency and new benefit distribution mechanisms, so that everything works in the most logical way.

The game’s consensus players, participants, contributors, promoters and investors are no longer constrained by the game itself, and the ecological roles are no longer hierarchical.G.TB International Inc will also actively explore the value chain of NFT and GameFi, which will bring digital uniqueness and verifiability to its games, completely disrupting a range of items in the game and adding an important independent, unique nature to the game. g.TB International Inc says that NFT allows games to exist in an open, trust-free form and allows for decentralized ownership.The $20 million investment from MZ Global Investment Inc will provide a significant boost to G.TB International Inc’s growth, which said the funds will be used primarily to develop its Web3 Metaverse Gateways infrastructure, including visual development kits, APIs, NFT modules, game engines and other components.

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