An Insider Look Into BBSoft’s launch of Gate To Web3 With Bogatiy Borya

January 26 07:05 2023
Bogatiy Borya is the brain behind Moovy A Drive2Earn App

In a tell-all interview, BBSoft CEO Bogatiy Borya sheds light on the development of the BBSoft ecosystem comprising BBDex, BBID, BBPlace, and Endorsed by BBSoft – a GameFi incubator with a Moovy – a pilot Web 3.0 application made for drivers to earn crypto while moving by car.

With an aim to solve all Web2 and Web3 gaming issues, BBSoft recently launched Gate to Web3 to a tremendous response.

Q. Welcome, Sir. Can you please introduce yourself to our audience and give us a background on how the idea of BBSoft came to fruition?

A. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Bogatiy Borya, CEO & Founder of BBSoft. The idea of BBSoft was born through my business and gaming experience. I never owned my gaming assets; I invested time and money in them, but all I had was a gaming experience. When investing in the projects, I had to use many sources to do it. When I was trying to develop my own game, I understood that having a great gaming idea is not enough and how insane is the development process. I was always sure that one ecosystem for developers, investors, and gamers would create a great opportunity for people to create, play and invest easily. Blockchain gives me an understanding of how this idea can be implemented.

Q. BBSoft has truly enhanced the UX of blockchain games with innovations such as BBDex, BBID, and BBPlace and Endorsed by BBSoft program. What more can we expect from you?

A. We are planning many more products in the future, which will be endorsed by BBSoft and developed by our team.

Q. Can you walk us through the BBSoft ecosystem? There seem to be many moving parts. How will it all work in cohesion?

A. No, I don’t like to walk, better let’s drive. I’m joking.

We strive to create a single ecosystem that will cover all the needs of the player in the world of Web3 games. We built our products through the prism of the following slogan – Investors for investors, developers for developers, and players for players. This approach will allow us to build a convenient and intuitive platform that will cover all needs: asset management through BBApp, attracting investments and launching projects through the launchpad of the Endorsed by BBSoft program – BBLaunch, game development using BBSystem products. We are planning to launch a banking product that allows those Moovy drivers to immediately use their tokens in real life using a bank card.

Multiple products, including BBPortal, BBProtocol, BBPlace, BBChat, and BBDEX, will be integrated into BBSystem.

BBProtocol is a solution for game developers consisting of blockchain-based tools for game development.

BBPlace is a trading platform with an intuitive interface.

BBChat is a social network for BBSoft gamer communication, debate, and voting.

BBDEX is a decentralized exchange where $BBT and game tokens can be traded. Together, they are an essential component of our ecosystem.

Q. BBEngine is probably one of the best invocations in Web3 gaming. How did the idea of developing something like this come to your mind?

A. We hope to greatly expand the ecosystem of Web3 gaming development around the world with BBEngine. I’ve always desired to build a bridge between users and developers while simultaneously enhancing the quality, loyalty, and transparency of the Web3 world for players and investors to provide them with new stages of gaming industry development. With the BBEngine suite of tools, traditional game studios and developers can now interact with blockchain games more efficiently. For more information, anyone can reach me via Twitter:

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