VSLists Skyrockets To Stardom After Using AI Technology

January 26 06:57 2023

The VSLists.com co-founder had mixed emotions about using AI to grow the platform, but quickly realized that good can come from the proper use of Artificial Intelligence.


VSLists, a social interaction startup, which utilizes its online platform to help visitors compare various brands and topics. The problem was, the growth of their service was slow until they began using AI to grow their service.

“We really didn’t know if AI was a good fit for where we wanted to go, but we quickly realized that AI can be used for anything, which means it can be used for good – and that is exactly what we set out to do” said Mark Ritz, co-founder of VSLists.com.

On VSLists, you can find real-time comparisons of products or services and even request a custom comparison. The team behind VSLists began to use AI to keep up with the demand presented by customer service.

“With all the talk of ChatGPT and other AI tools, we started to take notice of how we utilize some of these AI tools in our business goals. We started with customer service requests and moved into predictive analysis after that to make sure we serving our website visitors in the best possible way. We are really excited about the success we are seeing.” Ritz went on to say.

Depending on the type of match you have requested, VSLists may even feature opposing opinions to help you make an informed choice. With easy access to requests from other users, VSLists is a way to get the scoop before making any decisions or purchases, or to just have fun seeing how different topics compare.

Using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Web 3, and even blockchain can help businesses understand their customers better than ever before. When used together within VSLists, these technologies provide great insight into market factors such as pricing strategies, product comparisons, and target audiences – thus enabling businesses to better optimize their investments in order to maximize returns in any economy.

Ritz says that after AI, that the startup will begin looking at how to involve blockchain in their services. “We are very interested in using decentralization on our backend through services like those offered by Pocket Network and The Graph. Long-term, this is the type of infrastructure stuff we are looking at doing eventually.” he said.

About VS Lists:

VSLists is a web-based digital platform that compares brands and more side by side based on their online presence. It works by utilizing proprietary algorithms that rely on both Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and Web 3 technology. The platform is designed to help visitors make informed decisions about which brands and topics they should engage with for optimal results.

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