in New York isn’t paying $1,500 to go on 15 first dates, but instead spectacular eye-popping Valentine’s Day jewelry special

January 24 17:46 2023 isn’t putting cash incentive on the table for you to take a chance and put your heart on the line as do some jewelry brands during the Valentine’s Day to attract shoppers. This time of the year, shoppers are looking for charms, necklaces, bracelets, diamond jewelry, and the lowest prices for jewelry online to win the heart of their loved ones.

New York, NY – Jewelry is the most valuable commodity that one can invest in, including diamonds, charms, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, gold, silver, watches and other jewelry pieces. What makes them a great investment is that they hold real market value, and at the same time, they also create sentimental value over time, as each piece becomes an extension of its owner. With that in mind, any jewelry can be considered a treasured piece.

Designer jackets, fancy shoes, sweaters, even beautiful dresses can hardly hold their value and last a lifetime. Jewelry is so personal it represents the personal wardrobe of an individual and is often a conversation starter.

But affordability of jewelry doesn’t always go hand-in-hand when considering people’s budget and the fact that the cost of jewelry, diamonds and gold in particular, keeps going up.

According to Marketing director of Christopher Don, with years of expertise in custom jewelry in New York: “buying jewelry for that special love of your life is not like purchasing other products, say a sweater or a jacket. Affordable and jewelry don’t always go hand-in-hand, especially if you’re looking to buy incredibly beautiful jewelry — but here at the team has figured out a way to make it happen. Since Valentine’s Day is a special time of the year for love and making your loved ones feel special, has compiled some amazing discounts and specials on some of the pricier pieces in the collection. With that said, if you do have your eye on very fine jewelry options at lowest prices online, and the new collection is quite breathtaking, make sure you avoid being disappointed and get your orders in before Valentine’s Day depletes the inventory, as it usually does every year.”

Valentine's Day Jewelry Specials Online

Good advice from Christopher Don. Americans spend the most money on jewelry, flowers, and candy each year on Valentine’s Day. Nearly $6.2 billion is spent on jewelry while another $2.3 billion is spent on flowers (which makes up about 30% of total flower sales for the year). If you wait until the day before Valentine’s Day, then you are facing very little option to get that special something for your loved one.

Valentine's Day Online Jewelry Sale in New York

If you have someone who is extra special to you, whatever you do, avoid giving presents that would leave them disappointed and almost heartbroken feeling that they may not be that special to you. If someone is very special to you, avoid giving an oversized teddy bear, cheap lingerie, household appliances, or a bottle of wine.

Heart-shaped jewelry, no matter how big or small or what price range, it makes a clear statement – that your loved one is special to you. Heart pendant necklaces with diamonds are always the favorite during Valentin’s Day.

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For questions about the Valentine’s Day specials offered by, or questions about available pieces, contact Christopher Don directly on +1 (212) 382-4609 or visit the website.

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