5 Viral Websites To Watch Funny, Educational, And Entertaining Videos On The Internet

January 18 16:21 2023

The internet is saturated with video contents competing for attention mostly from social media audiences.Statistics shows that the amount of video contents consumed on social media on a daily basis runs into several 100 millions.

Here is a list of 5 viral websites that you can easily find trending and viral video contents that have broken the internet at one point in time or another in some specific niches.

1. Funpuppies.website

 This website curates trending and viral video contents in the dog and puppy niche. Dogs are the most loved and kept pets globally, Dog lovers in millions search the internet regularly for dog-related contents, If you are a dog lover that wants to see interesting, funny, entertaining and educational videos about dogs and puppies that has gone viral and is trending then visit this website

Link to website- https://www.funpuppies.website

2. Cutecats.blog

After Dogs, the other most popular pet are cats, cat lovers search the internet daily for cat related videos, either to get information about cats in general or purely for entertainment purposes.

Just like funpuppies website, cutecats.blog curates trending and viral contents in the cats niche from all over the internet. Every cat lover will love to spend time browsing through interesting, funny and educational video contents about cats. Click below to visit their website.

Link to website- https://www.cutecats.blog

3. Futurecars.autos

Car designs concepts for the future are amazing, from electric cars, to flying cars to flying electric cars. Car lovers take to social media to browse contents related to cars on a daily basis. For those interested in the future of cars, this website curates video contents in the cars niche, you will find exotic and mind blowing car concepts for the future, from flying cars to cars that drive on water and everything about cars in between.

Link to website – https://www.futurecars.autos

4. Powerhorses.fun

Horses are ancient and they are also modern, horses have been from ages past, before most inventions, they are still here now. Every horse lover will love this website. You can watch trending videos in the horses niche, usually funny, educational, interesting and entertaining, you will find the best viral videos about horses on this website.

Link to website- https://www.powerhorses.fun

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