Former CFO Advises US CPG Industry against Regionalized Approach to Talent Acquisition

January 17 20:56 2023

Haroon Jafree – a widely-recognized turnaround expert who has served the US CPG industry for over 25 years, including the last 10 years at a C-suite level as CFO and COO – has advised the US CPG industry against a regionalized approach to talent acquisition in his recent publications.

This CPG guru highlighted the importance of agility and optimization for corporate success in the prevailing VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity)-intensive environment, adding that a global workforce was a fundamental precursor to competitive success in the future.

Jafree identified knowledge, diversity, and adaptability as key characteristics of an agile workforce, which, he opined, can be built through high-quality staff augmentation that combines onshore expertise with offshore talents to create low-cost, high-performance, globally distributed teams.

This coincides with the concept of Bob Johansen’s leadership trait of an agile organization – as featured in the second edition of his globally-famed book Leaders Make the Future – of Smart Mob Organizing, in which the strategic-level leadership can rapidly organize highly-powerful yet fluid teams that comprise knowledgeable and skilled individuals capable of dealing with the challenge at hand.

Jafree’s unique staff augmentation methodology is validated by a proven track record of delivering phenomenal savings to notable US CPG companies in the past.

His publications came around his participation in the Naturally Chicago webinar titled “Pricing Strategies In An Inflationary Era,” dated June 15, 2022, that hosted a panel of US CPG experts contemplating pricing strategies for CPG companies battling intensely to defend suppressed margins.

Jafree, who boasts a proven track record of delivering phenomenal savings to US CPG companies in the past, including noted brands, such as Pepsi Co. and Hillshire Brands, has taken his cost-optimization drive to the next level by launching Expertise Accelerated – outsourcing and staff augmentation specialist for accounting & finance and supply chain services, based in Connecticut – in March 2022.

EA is Jafree’s brainchild to support US CPG companies achieve cost optimization and process efficiencies through high-quality outsourcing and staff augmentation solutions and represents the formalization of his efforts for rallying the CPG industry in a competitive formation against the challenges arising from the ongoing labor market crunch and inflation spree, and the convergence of his expertise, vision, and ideology for cost optimization through a synthesis of onshore skills with offshore talent.

With global distribution, technology, onshore expertise, oversight and leadership, training & development, knowledge management, and remote talent acquisition as its fundamental pillars, Jafree’s cost optimization doctrine seeks competitive realignment of the CPG companies in response to detailed shifts within the industry and the wider business environment.

In his publications, Jafree has called on the US CPG diaspora to innovatively leverage the evolving forms of accounting outsourcing and staff augmentation as instruments for cost and process optimization, forsaking the rather primitive regionalized approach to talent acquisition.

It is pertinent to mention that the remote accounting & finance professionals that EA’s C-suite team has trained and deployed and is overseeing have been recognized by its US CPG clients as professionally superior and 60 percent more affordable.

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