Edward Chang, Parkour Movement Artist, and Founder of ChangEdwardS (CES) LLC, is Paving the Way to Success for Emerging Influencers

November 17 22:09 2022
ChangEdwardS LLC helps emerging influencers connect with the largest companies

Orange County, California – Prominent serial entrepreneur and founder of ChangEdwardS (CES) LLC, Edward Chang is paving the way for new talented artists to enhance their visibility and boost their careers. CES is a marketing and management company that helps new talented artists and influencers to grow faster and connect with the largest companies. The company aims at reforming the entertainment industry to become diversified and nurturing. Enabling the industry to provide equal opportunity for talent.

There are hundreds of talented influencers who are striving for recognition and visibility in traditional media. They are unseen and unrecognized. The founder of CES, Edward Chang creates opportunities for such artists alongside his own path of bringing a new art form of Parkour Dance – a combination of parkour, freerunning, MMA, and dance. The form is introducing a very new style of freestyle artist in the freerunning community. Edward will feature this new style in the West Coast Parkour Championships (WCPKC) with the Firestorm Competition Team.

Edward believes in collaboration and diversity. Edward is a six-college degree holder and was a medical professional for 15 years. After leaving the medical profession, he became a serial entrepreneur and now helps influencers market and manage their teams. He and his team of influencers are cultivating winning strategies and delivering the best outcomes that lead to faster career growth for all types of creatives and innovators. Under Edward’s leadership, CES has collaborated in association with the world’s largest and most popular companies like Google, LinkedIn, Advisory Could, and BuzzFeed. visit https://www.changedwards.com/ to get more insight.

He also helped artists to put them back into business after COVID-19. Everyone is aware of the consequences of Covid-19 on businesses and people.  Look how his company has enabled people to grow faster after Covid-19.  “Before COVID-19, Gayvin Young was a professional hip-hop dance artist teaching kids and adults. She needed a website, business cards, and promotional material to showcase her skills and marketing strategy to procure new clients. We started. But then, COVID-19 happened. A complete rebranding and change of direction became essential. Within a week, we transformed her branding and marketing strategy. Gayvin signed with an agency soon after”

Artists should join hands with Edward as he is struggling to help artists be visible. He is opening a new path for creative artists. ChangEdwardS is a perfect place for artists for their growth and enhance visibility.

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