Lucas Casting House – The Destination for Exquisite Custom Jewelry Designs and Casting Solutions

November 10 17:21 2022

(Lucas Casting House creates beautiful pieces of custom jewelry as per the requirements of the customers.)

Customization is a roaring trend and no longer the demand of a handful of customers. Custom jewelry is trending because it sparks treasured memories associated with receiving something quite thoughtful. Lucas Casting House understands the emotion behind the demand for custom jewelry and hopes to meet the demand from customers in every possible way!

Lucas Casting House is one of the trusted sources for custom jewelry, having some of the best jewelry experts on their team. They value the emotions of the customer, working to transform the vision of the customer into exquisite pieces of jewelry.

Services Offered Include The Following:

CAD Design Services: The service promotes innovation, creativity, and exquisite design. Using the documents provided by the clients, the expert team creates the jewelry that the customer desires. Customers are simply required to send their jewelry ideas to the designer directly.

Wax Printing: Customers can have their ideas wax-printed on their jewelry. Customers can get in touch with the team with their specific requirements, and the team will respond with suggestions or clarifications. The process is simple, easy, and affordable.

Jewelry Casting: It’s unique to see how jewelry is created through the casting of wax patterns. All pieces of jewelry are not just beautiful; they are also durable and long-lasting. All flaws and issues discovered during the casting process are eliminated so that only fine and exquisite pieces of jewelry are delivered.

Jewelry polishing: This is not just about cleaning a dirty piece of jewelry. It involves three levels of polishing: reviewing the jewelry under a microscope and giving it a rubber polish for that beautiful, fresh shine.

Jewelry Repair: Lucas Casting House is an expert in jewelry repair. They have the skills to identify the area that needs repair or where the jewelry can break and fix it immediately. Repair services include cleaning, rhodium plating, stone replacement, clasp repair, and more.

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About Lucas Casting House:

Lucas Casting House was founded by Kevin Karen Lukayan, whose journey as a jewelry designer began in 2008. The business is a reputed name when it comes to high-quality custom-designed jewelry and other services. They have a highly talented team of experts who can fulfill any jewelry creation request and repair need.

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