Best Crypto Escrow Services To Securely Send Crypto

September 30 09:10 2022

A financial transaction that incorporates the participation of a neutral third party is known as an escrow service. This third party keeps the funds in a secure location and oversees the distribution of the monies in accordance with the needs of the other two parties.

Transactions are made more secure when the monies are kept on deposit with an impartial third party until the transaction is finalized. Since the cryptocurrency sector is still in its early stages, there are not currently any well-established regulatory bodies.

Given the number of fraudulent schemes and questionable initiatives, it is thus impossible to be one hundred percent certain about the safety of financial transactions. The following is a list of businesses that offer trustworthy crypto escrow services that will keep your assets safe and secure while they are held in escrow:


One of the leading escrow services is Chainpals. Chainpals allows users to transfer cryptocurrencies with 1-28 days of protection. Through the escrow smart contract, you can make secure Web3 payments without being scammed by someone else.

You have the security that you can get your crypto back in case of fraud. The possible problems are solved by escrow managers in 1-2 days. The Wallet Connect feature allows you to easily connect MetaMask or Trust Wallet and start the transaction in 2 steps. All smart contracts have an audit and are also publicly available on GitHub.

The advantages of Chainpals include:

  • Decentralized
  • 36 Tokens on Binance Smart Chain
  • Low fees between 1-2%.
  • Creation of transactions very easy via the dashboard
  • No KYC


Coinsavr’s automatic escrow service protects user data and information by basing its framework on encryption protocols that are established within the industry. When you use the Coinsavr platform to create a new bitcoin escrow, you will be prompted to specify the transaction conditions that must be satisfied before money may be released to the executor.

Your payments will remain safe and secure on the platform until the work in question has been satisfactorily performed. The platform ensures the procedures are transparent by promptly notifying all parties involved in the transaction of any modifications that are made to relate to the transaction. Coinsavr also enables users to establish a time limit for the transaction.

This must be adhered to by both sides in order for the transaction to be successful. In the event that the transaction is unsuccessful, the buyer is entitled to a complete refund. Coinsavr charges a fixed fee of 1% for all transactions. There is also an additional $2 for escrow transactions.


The platform provided by Escaroo enables customers to construct cryptocurrency-based escrow smart contracts without requiring them to have prior coding experience. The KeylessEscrow method that is exclusive to Escaroo offers full protection for the funds that are held in escrow until the time when the buyer is satisfied with the goods or service and is ready to release payment to the seller.

The KeylessEscrow transaction technology that Escaroo has patented never requires either party to a transaction to provide the keys to their own wallets. The platform utilizes a keyless smart contract, which stores the parties’ funds in a safe location on a publicly recorded blockchain. This helps to ensure that the monies are kept in an absolutely safe environment. For personal and small business transactions, Escaroo charges a flat fee of 1.5%. You may be subject to different rates for larger transactions.


ICODA is not only one of the most successful crypto marketing companies on the market, but it also offers safe and secure escrow services for cryptocurrency transactions. Throughout the entirety of the escrow procedure, ICODA provides customers with a comprehensive range of status updates. Both parties have a complete understanding of the procedures that need to be taken, including where they now stand in the process of the transaction.

ICODA provides an unrivaled degree of security by integrating cutting-edge technology into the service. This technology mandates that all parties participating in a transaction own private keys, which results in an exceptional level of protection. In addition, the private key of an ICODA agent is required in order to get access. Therefore, it is impossible for anybody to withdraw money from it without the authorization of the escrow agent as well as all of the parties engaged in the transaction.


Escrow services are provided by a professional team of cryptocurrency experts at CryptoExchange. As a result of this, the escrow services provided by CryptoExchange guarantee that the transaction conditions agreed upon by the buyer and the seller will be adhered to. The conversion of assets into US dollars is a unique feature of CryptoExchange, and it is done thus in order to safeguard the value of the buyer’s assets.

Users may rest easy knowing that they have the financial means to make a purchase, even in the event that prices see wild swings. In the event that the sale is not successful, CryptoExchange will convert the money back to the cryptocurrency they were originally purchased with.

To guarantee that the escrow process is carried out in an open and honest manner for both parties, the CryptoExchange platform gives continuous updates on the status of the transaction throughout the duration of the procedure.

Transactions that are made utilizing the escrow services provided by CryptoExchange are stored in a trust escrow account that is both safe and free of interest charges. The transaction is not considered executed until both the buyer and the seller have signaled their satisfaction with its conclusion and declared it completed.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that there are plenty of crypto escrow services in the market in 2022. However, there is a very specific process of elimination in order to ensure that only the most trusted escrow services are being utilized. We’ve revealed five crypto escrow services that are trustworthy and also provide a significant number of benefits. However, Chainpals tops the list as being the safest crypto escrow service that also provides a large number of benefits.

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