Eangelmarkets creates a wealth legend

January 07 22:07 2022

Eangelmarkets breaks all the drawbacks of centralized trading platforms and reshapes the value system of the digital economy, allowing investors to multiply their wealth. The scale of digital asset trading is exploding, and the scale of derivatives trading on centralized trading platforms has long surpassed spot trading significantly. A major breakthrough in the scale of derivatives trading is achieved on decentralized trading platforms. Generally speaking, derivatives can better meet the needs of market participants for advanced asset allocation such as higher volatility or risk hedging. Although the spot market can also be used for risk management through combination, from the perspective of the entire capital market, the basis for continuous capital valuation and capital conversion is lost, and the efficiency of capital circulation will be significantly reduced. In terms of financial laws, derivatives trading is higher in scale than spot trading, both in terms of liquidity and the scale of trading.

Eangelmarkets creates a wealth legend

Eangelmarkets is a cross-chain decentralized contract trading platform with high liquidity, extremely low slippage and excellent depth. It combines the security and transparency of DEX and the speed experience of CEX, and is committed to providing users with the best decentralization contract trading experience.

Eangelmarkets supports a variety of derivatives trading such as futures (perpetual contracts), options, synthetic assets, insurance, etc. Meanwhile, the unique cross-chain bridge will cover derivatives trading on various pass-throughs of mainstream public chains such as Ether, Bitcoin, Coin Smartchain, Fantom, and Firecoin Ecosystem Chain.

In terms of product design, the goal of Eangelmarkets trading is very similar to what the popular DeFi protocol Synthetix, Mirror, and UMA have already done, which is to create “images” of financial assets in the blockchain world that already have a wide enough consensus and make them more openly available to every market participant.

At present, in the field of crypto asset trading, most people are extremely at one end of CeFi (centralized finance) or DeFi (decentralized finance), but the financial world is not black and white. DeFi still needs to learn from CeFi’s high efficiency. CeFi needs to learn DeFi’s security and decentralized governance.  

Eangelmarkets adopts the “on-chain settlement + off-chain transaction” approach to improve the transaction experience while protecting asset security; Eangelmarkets evaluates various on-chain scalability solutions, selects and adopts safe and reliable solutions to achieve complete decentralized transactions .

Eangelmarkets creates a wealth legend

Eangelmarkets innovatively launched the industry’s first “composite contract”, combining on-chain technology and off-chain products to bring users a secure, smooth and fast contract trading experience. The profit of the contract platform really enters the smart contract pool, which is open and transparent to empower the platform coin.

Eangelmarkets hopes to achieve greater security and fairness than traditional centralized exchanges, a better experience than existing decentralized derivatives exchanges, and a richer selection of future trading targets, combined with advantages on multiple levels such as efficiency in the use of funds, fees, transaction gas charges, and cross-platform trading, Eangelmarkets is paving a viable highway for investors in the DeFi world. Eangelmarkets is paving a practical highway for investors in the DeFi world.

Eangelmarkets aggregates trades, is simple and fast, allows personal configuration and executes commercial operations on behalf of the user. Eangelmarkets is especially useful for novices who want to use strategies created by experienced investors.

Eangelmarkets builds a new engine for wealth creation and continues the wealth legend of the explosion of digital assets. Eangelmarkets has core technologies and innovative mechanisms, including cross-chain bridge transactions, order book models, non-homogeneous capital pools, improved LP Token contracts, slippage protection mechanisms, MetaTrade5 matchmaking transactions, Eangel contract reserve pools, etc., allowing investors to grow their wealth and realize the freedom of wealth. Eangelmarkets, wealth opportunities, opportunities cannot be missed.


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