Philadelphia, US Based Boutique Consulting Firm Trumps Industry Giants By Offering Top Class Business Advisory Services To Clients

January 04 14:51 2022
Philadelphia, US Based Boutique Consulting Firm Trumps Industry Giants By Offering Top Class Business Advisory Services To Clients
Small consulting firms such as Catan Strategy Group offer world class business advisory services that help them win projects competing against the biggies such as Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman, and PwC Advisory Services.

Philadelphia, PA, USA – Traditionally the big consulting firms, such as Bain & Company, Oliver Wyman, and PwC Advisory Services, have always had an edge over the smaller ones when it came to cornering big consulting projects. However, in the last few years the Boutique Consulting Firms have reworked their value proposition due to which there is a growing preference for these firms amongst businesses of all sizes. Catan Strategy Group, based out of Philadelphia, PA, has established itself as a premier boutique consulting firm with its laser sharp focus on delivering quality and personalized business solutions to its clients.


“We help companies and principal owners make more money and run highly effect businesses. Our services are customized to meet the requirements of our Clients. We offer consultations with industry specific professionals, so that we can better understand the needs of our Clients,” says Rex Barr, the owner and founder of Catan Strategy Group. “Our background and decades of experience in the industry give us an advantage of knowing what works best and customizing specifically for each client.”

Catan Strategy Group is a brainchild of Rex Barr, an enterprising entrepreneur who has scaled the company into a multi-million dollar business within a short span of time. Rex has successfully completed his education and training as well as many various certifications and diplomas in the fields of business, health care, finance and marketing as well as real estate from critically acclaimed instructors and trainers in the most well-developed institutions. He likes to keep up with the trends and recent advances in the disciplines of his interest thus ensuring a comprehensive, well-informed and thorough advice to his business clients.

One of the many reasons why niche consulting firms such as Catan Strategy Group are becoming more popular with clients is because they are usually headed by specialists with entrepreneurial drive. With a hand-on senior management team, the smaller firms can also offer a more proactive, personalized and collaborative approach when working with clients. This helps them establish a personal rapport with the clients, which increases client retention and gets them more business through referrals.

Smaller firms place a strong emphasis on hiring consultants who are experts in the required business domains, thus putting together a more passionate and dedicated team in comparison to generalists in big consulting firms. In addition, the small firms believe in assigning more responsibility to their consultants thus ensuring greater job satisfaction, which results in lesser employee attrition. This eventually leads to a long term, stable and more productive business relationship between clients and the firm’s consultants. With their industry standard compensation packages, perks, and enhanced job satisfaction, the small firms easily attract and retain world class talent which proves “winners win no matter where the location”.

Another advantage with boutique firms is that they can provide alternative pricing models such as value-based pricing rather than sticking to the per diem pricing traditionally used by consulting firms. This flexibility in pricing strategy helps them to offer a more competitive consulting deal to their clients. Smaller firms usually have lower overheads and they can pass on the benefits to their clients by charging lesser fees than big consulting firms.

“Our goal is to provide our clients with the best consulting experience irrespective of the size of the consulting project,” says Rex. “For us, the client’s business requirements are paramount and we invest significant efforts and time in developing personalized solutions. We measure our performance based on our customer’s success.”

Catan Strategy Group is a result-driven company that strives to create meaningful, strategic relationships with its clients. The company has worked with several small, medium, and large businesses across the globe to help them build a strong brand. They are a trusted advisor to a wide range of clients in various industries that includes Healthcare, Self-Care brands, Retail and Ecommerce, Food and Beverage, Construction, Travel and Leisure, Non-Profits, etc.

“We realize the fact that when it comes to crafting business solutions for clients, ‘One Size Fits All’ strategy simply doesn’t work,” says Rex. “With our unique solution-oriented consulting approach, we can help our clients make significant improvement in their business operations. Our professional consulting team can help companies and principal owners make more money and run highly effect businesses.”

Catan Strategy Group has designed comprehensive workflows and effective data-driven strategies to ensure positive return on investment for their clients. The expert team at Catan Strategy Group has helped several clients turn around their underperforming businesses. As a result, these clients have been able to increase revenues and lower customer acquisition costs without increasing their budgets.

“Many of our clients we work with are not able to optimize their business operations, either due to lack of technical know-how or lack of data needed to make informed decisions. They continue to compromise on their conversion rate, which means they are leaving a lot of money on the table,” remarks Rex. “We saw this as an opportunity to help businesses grow and increase their sales. Our consulting team has the experience and expertise to craft customized business strategies based on our client’s specific business requirements.”

Today, Catan Strategy Group boasts of several happy clients who have seen their sales grow significantly after they started using the company’s services. The company’s motto is “fast, affordable and ROI-driven services” and these are the values that underpin the entire operation of the business. An experienced team of experts, backed by their ‘Client Focused’ approach and several testimonials by clients, is what makes Catan Strategy Group one of the best boutique consulting firms for businesses of all sizes. The company’s commitment to client satisfaction is unparalleled which makes for a business that clients are proud to use and recommend to others.

About Catan Strategy Group

Catan Strategy Group is a bespoke business consulting firm specializing in helping companies grown their revenue, operate effectively and maximize their profit. They serve any kind of business that has to rely on revenue to operate.

For more information about the company and other inquiries, send an email or reach out via the website.

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